Eminem and Lil Wayne Google Their Lyrics When Recording New Music to Avoid Repeating Old Verses

Eminem also pledged a $250,000 donation to the Marshall Mathers Foundation on Lil Wayne's Young Money Radio

Eminem, Lil Wayne
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Eminem and Lil Wayne have created so many tracks they don't always remember their own lyrics.

While speaking to the rapper on his Young Money Radio with Lil Wayne on Apple Music series, Lil Wayne admitted that he often has to google his lyrics when recording new songs to make sure he's not repeating any of his old verses.

"I literally bro, when I'm doing something, if you look through my phone history with my Google history and you press ‘L,’ first thing that will come up is Lil Wayne lyrics," he told Eminem. "I literally have to google my lyrics to make sure I didn’t say something before."

"Oh my God! I swear to God I do that too," Eminem responded.

Lil Wayne then joked, "Man, that’s how long we’ve been doing this s—."

Earlier this year, the rapper dropped his 13th studio album, Funeral. Meanwhile, Eminem has 11 LPs under his belt.

"Yeah! I just did that s— last night!" Eminem added."Man, that’s funny as hell. I’ve been doing that for like the last five years. You’ll be like ‘Oh I knew I flipped this one [verse].' "

“Exactly! Yeah!" Lil Wayne agreed. "[It’s like], ‘I was wondering why that s— sounded so perfect."

During his appearance on the radio show, Eminem also announced that he would be donating $250,000 to his charity, the Marshall Mathers Foundation, which is committed to supporting disadvantaged youths in Detroit.

The foundation has also been helping Detroit residents amid the coronavirus pandemic. Last month, Eminem donated meals to Detroit-area hospitals for the frontline workers, including tubs of “Mom’s Spaghetti,” a nod to the famous lyric in his song “Lose Yourself.”

Later, on Lil Wayne's show, the men were joined by Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, who was inspired by Eminem's donation and decided to pledge $750,000 himself, bringing the total to $1 million.


“I heard Eminem doing $250,000, so I want to contribute even more to Detroit,” Dorsey said. “So I'm gonna match him $750,000, so we’re going to make it a cool $1 million to his foundation so that he can help as many people as possible.”

Both Lil Wayne and Eminem later thanked Dorsey for his donation on Twitter.

"Thanks to @jack for hittin us up on@liltunechi’s #YoungMoneyRadio@Beats1 and supporting the #MarshallMathersFoundation and #Detroit in a big way!" Eminem wrote.

"Thank you @Jack!!! Looking forward to doing more !" Lil Wayne added.

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