November 10, 2017 12:35 PM

Eminem is back — and he brought Beyoncé!

On Friday, the rapper released a new song “Walk on Water,” featuring none other than Queen B.

Sharing the track on social media, Eminem wrote, “I’MMM BACK #WalkonWater #Revival @Beyonce #ShadyBack,” alongside an image of the single’s artwork: a black and white photo of a crowd, partially submerged by blue water.

On the slow, moving track, Beyoncé sings “I walk on water, but I ain’t no Jesus / I walk on water, but only when it freezes” as Eminem raps about how even though “kids look to me as a god,” it’s only “a facade.” The song closes with Bey explaining, “I’m only human / just like you / I’ve been making my mistakes / so if you only knew / I don’t think you should believe in me / the way that you do /I’m terrified to let you down / If I walk on water I’ll drown” while Em forcefully ends the tune with “‘Cause I’m just a man / but as long as I got a mic / I’m god-like / so me and you are not alike / Bitch, I wrote ‘Stan!'”

Eminem, 45, teased the song earlier this week with a series of cryptic posts on social media about a drug named “REVIVAL” — which has its own website— and a written prescription, recommending “walk on water.”

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The website for the drug provides further hints that Revival could be the name of Eminem’s new album, saying that “REVIVAL could be music to your ears.”

This marks Eminem’s first release since the rapper returned to the spotlight in October after slamming Donald Trump in a nearly five-minute freestyle rap at the BET Awards.

He is currently set to perform on Saturday Night Live on Nov. 18, which Chance the Rapper will host. No word yet on whether Queen Bey will join.

Listen to the song here.

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