Meet the 25 Emerging Musical Artists You Should Add to Your Playlist This Fall

These artists are the future. Check out PEOPLE's fall picks before the world discovers them! 

UPSAHL, Josh Levi, Gayle and Maude LaTour
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Maude Latour

Maude Latour
Dillon Matthew

Maude Latour's music helps us keep our room "Clean."

Latour, through her music, invites listeners to "grow up along with me" with bops such as "One More Weekend" and "Superfruit."

"Music is a journal, a confession, an accidentally-leaked inner dialogue. I do it for my own sensibility," she tells PEOPLE. "I point to something in my life… and I say 'I want to know this forever,' and then I touch the piano and my notebook and I wait until I see something in front of me that terrifies me in accuracy, then I cry out of divine alignment with the world, and then I know I've made a song."

While she wraps up college at Columbia University, the singer says her relationship with music is "at its richest, most profound" place today. She looks forward to touring and connecting with fans.

"I'm just trying to absolutely change and alter music forever," she says. "Alter the things we talk about and how we approach being alive."

Listen to Latour's latest single, "Clean."

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Nessa Barrett

Hunter Moreno

Nessa Barrett is more than a famous TikToker — she's got an irresistible sound.

The "I Hope Ur Miserable Until Ur Dead" singer tells PEOPLE that music has always been her thing — and social media "just happened" for her.

"Music has been something I've always wanted to do my whole life," Barrett says. "Social media just happened for me, so I'm now able to use that as my platform to share my music."

At the end of the day, Barrett says her EP Pretty Poison embodies how she's "developing [her] sound" and "tells [her] story."

Barrett is currently working on her new album — so for now, listen to her latest release Pretty Poison.

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Liam Graham Haehnle

VINCINT is much more than a gay icon.

"My music is what you hear when you've figured out how to fix your broken heart. It's the crossroads of crying and dancing 'till your feet catch fire," he tells PEOPLE about his sound.

With tracks such as "Higher," which he wrote as a "love letter to hopeless romantics," VINCINT's music will get you on your feet.

"I make music for everyone, but especially for gay Black men whose love stories never get told," The Four alum says. "I want them to know that they deserve their happy endings too."

Check out "Getaway" featuring Tegan and Sara and "Kill My Heart."

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angel 22

These girls are the future.

Angel22 — the Latina girl group comprised of Alondra Martinez, Laura Buitrago, Sofia Oliveira and Wendii Sarmiento — are making their mark through TikTok, where they boast more than 5 million followers from all over the world.

"Our music aims to transmit what we are and how we feel, from days where we feel the good vibes and self-love, to songs that emit the opposite based on our state," the group tells PEOPLE. "As Angel22 we hope to connect and accompany our listeners and followers in every feeling and moment, staying true to who we are."

The girls, who got their start as V5 on X-Factor: Celebrity in the U.K, say they always dreamed of pursuing careers in music and hope to "inspire [listeners] to dream big regardless of where you are." Becky G and Elena Rose are executive producing the girls' work.

Listen to their bilingual debut single "Free Hugs."

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Aubree Estrella

Thanks to her dad, a punk band musician, this queen got a "front-row seat" to the lifestyle of punk bands — and she's showing the world what she's got.

Taylor Cameron Upsahl, who goes by UPSAHL, tells PEOPLE it was a "f—ing long journey" to her debut album Lady Jesus, which came out on Friday — but it was all worth it.

"I'm in a really good place, mentally," the "People I Don't Like" songstress says. "I was free to write the songs I've wanted to write, and while they might not all be for everybody, they're thought-provoking, which is what's important to me."

When it comes to her fans, the "Drugs" singer hopes they feel empowered when listening to her music — and for now, she continues to write songs as she prepares her live set for her first proper show.

Check out UPSAHL's new album Lady Jesus, out today.

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Lee Newell

XYLØs' music is sure to set a fire in you.

As she works on her debut album ("It's nearly finished," she says), the songstress invites listeners with her genre-less sound that combines "abstract and metaphorical" lyrics with "traditional elements."

"My yes and no EP is the most diverse and shows my pop side as well as some more honest ballad stuff," she tells PEOPLE, before adding her debut album will be "much better."

XYLØ also credits Lana Del Rey, whom she describes as her "favorite lyricist from our generation and a pop culture visionary," as one of her main inspirations.

Listen to "Setting Fires," her collaboration with The Chainsmokers, and her song "CHLORINE" from her Outsiders Club EP.

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Josh Levi

Josh Levi
Blair Caldwell

Josh Levi is a mix of the past and the future, love and conflict — and he's sure to blow you away.

The "If the World" singer tells PEOPLE his goal with his music is to create an "escape."

"My goal with my music is always to create an escape, a world you can experience and live in — away from wherever you usually are. It's a combination of the past and the future," Levi says.

If anyone needs an escape, it's Levi. The singer opened up about his mother's kidney disease and shares that though the process has been traumatic, he still strives to find peace in the midst of chaos.

"Though I am her only support and caretaker, I am also not a match to be a donor, so that is a mentally traumatic reality to face everyday — balancing living this through with her and creating art/pursuing my dreams," he says.

Check out the music video to his latest single "NASA," the first song from his EP Disc Two — the second installment of his debut EP Disc One.

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Catie Turner

Catie Turner
Jimmy Fontaine

Catie Turner's music is "Therapy."

The songstress — who got her start as a contestant on American Idol — has caught the attention of fans on TikTok with her relatability and candidness.

"Though my lyrics sometimes say otherwise, I swear I'm an upbeat person!" Turner says, adding that her upcoming songs will feature "more music you can cry to or be tempted to text your ex [to]."

The "Prom Queen" singer enthusiastically cites Harry Styles as one of her biggest inspirations, even if it's not reflected in her music.

"He inspires me in my day to day life. I've loved him for 10 years, and I will love him for 10,000 more," she says.

Check out Turner's Heartbroken and Milking It EP, which features "Play God."

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Sad Night Dynamite

Sad Night Dynamite
Sirus F

Sad Night Dynamite never fails to bring on the trippy feels.

The duo, consisting of Archie Blagden and Josh Greacen, tell PEOPLE that their music has "moments of beauty and moments of horror."

"Our music is like baking a really nice, huge cake and then stamping on it," says Blagden.

The "Krunk" duo say they're most excited to finally meet their fans and to "form a cult."

"Less sex and acid, more finger painting and talking about your feelings. Maybe a sprinkling of acid," the "Icy Violence" musicians joke.

Brace yourself for a wild ride, and listen to Sad Night Dynamite's latest single "Demon."

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Destiny Rogers

Destiny Rogers
Will Azcona

Destiny Rogers really "Got It Like That."

Get sexy with it when you listen to Rogers' pop-R&B sound, which she says is inspired by both her West Coast and Mexican upbringing.

"I'm not your average girl. I'm half Mexican and a tomboy so I was raised fearless," she tells PEOPLE. "I grew up in church playing multiple instruments, literally anything I can get my hands on."

Inspired by Justin Bieber, Rogers started learning to play guitar and sing. Ed Sheeran and Tori Kelly have influenced her songwriting and Kehlani has "inspired my sound."

Check out her newest single "Simon Say" featuring Flo Milli, ahead of the release of her track "West Like."

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GAYLE is growing — and she wants you to watch her evolution.

With just a few songs under her belt, the songstress has become a favorite among Gen Zers, especially with tracks like "abcdefu."

"My project is way more than just a bunch of f— you's but [that song] is a good place to start!" she tells PEOPLE. "I'm constantly changing as a person, and what inspires me and the things I like. GAYLE is always going to be evolving and I'm just hoping you're down for the ride."

Set to go on tour with Winnetka Bowling League, Gayle says she's inspired by the late Aretha Franklin's stage presence. ("Her soul is literally what made me fall in love with music in the first place," she says.)

Listen to her song "Orange Peel" or check out her TikTok, where she's "just leaking all my songs."

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Royal & the Serpent

Royal and the Serpent
Conner Sorensen

Royal & the Serpent's music is "kinda like a Tootsie Pop."

"It's hard on the outside, soft at its core and sticky as f—," she tells PEOPLE.

The singer's track "Overwhelmed" became an overnight TikTok sensation last year, and since then, she's been dropping electro-pop-punk songs like "I Can't Get High" and "Girls" with her bloodied persona.

"I've been stuck in this weird purgatory for a little while now. It's kind of a long story and to be honest I'm not exactly sure how I got here," she says. "I'm hoping if enough people listen, someone might eventually be able to find me."

Help her find a way out and check out "GO PH—K URSELF."

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Not many artists can say they featured Brandy, Kehlani and Kelly Rowland on their debut EP, but Amorphous can.

The DJ, who attempts to "pay homage to the old, while bringing in a lush new sound," has racked up collaborations with some of the best names in music on tracks such as "Back Together" with Kehlani and "The Vibe," which features Bree Runway.

"When making music I aim to capture many different sounds, which translates into an eclectic mix of the culture and music I grew up on while pushing those genres and sounds forward into a new generation," he tells PEOPLE, adding that he's working on a second EP.

Listen to the star's Things Take Shape EP, which includes "Finally (Cannot Hide It)" with Kelly Rowland and CeCe Peniston. (He's also heading on tour soon!)

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Jordan Knight

De'Wayne isn't just a rapper — he's a modern day poet and rock and roller.

The Houston-born musician tells PEOPLE that he wants to serve the world and make an impact with his music.

"I wanna serve the world by giving good art back to the people and not just be here cause I wanna sing a song and make an Instagram post," the "Just a Little" artist says. "I want to make an impact with what I'm doing!"

The "Adios" musician is currently working on writing new material that he "really digs" as he embarks on tour with Willow Smith.

Listen to De'Wayne's debut album Stains.

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Elle Winter

Elle Wintere
Carina Glastris

Elle Winter, the "Sad Girl Heaven" queen, wants her fans to feel empowered when listening to her music.

The "Candy" singer describes her music as "soulful pop that is personal and anthemic" — something her single "Yeah, No" perfectly embodies.

"The lyrics mean more than being over an ex-boyfriend. It is a song that discusses the importance of setting the narrative to our own stories, something so important for women in particular," Winter tells PEOPLE.

For now, the singer continues to work on her new EP, and says her new music will continue her message of women empowerment — but with a "larger theme of self-expression and standing up for oneself. Something I continue to work on in my own life."

Listen to her latest sweet but sour single "Candy."

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Jena Rose

Jena Rose

Checkmate, darlin'!

Jena Rose is a Cuban-American artist from Dallas who started in music by playing piano, guitar and writing songs in her bedroom.

Her recent single "Checkmate" was inspired by The Queen's Gambit and "the strategy of chess and how it applies to life itself." (She also thinks Anya Taylor-Joy is "so badass.")

"I write songs so others can relate to them. I just hope people can take the songs like I did growing up and relating it to own my life and what I was going through," she tells PEOPLE. "I hope I can do that for other people."

Proud of her Latina heritage, Rose says she's excited to "incorporate my heritage" into her upcoming music.

As we await her debut EP, listen to Rose's "Checkmate" and "Forever Yours."

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Chimera Rene

Sam Houston, who performs as BLK ODYSSY, wants you to know that his work is more than just music — it's activism.

"I'd love people to know that the BLK ODYSSY is more than just a musical group. It's social activism, it's liberation," he tells PEOPLE. "Most of all, it's a movement everyone can be a part of. Taking part in art that is culture-shifting is one of those things that you remember for your whole life."

The "Hang Low" musician adds that his genre is ever-changing, yet it's all rooted in soul music. The musician recommends fans listen to "Ghost Ride" to get a feel of a few of his different sounds.

When it comes to his biggest musical inspiration, he points to Kendrick Lamar, whom he considers "the best rapper of all time."

Check out BLK ODYSSY's latest album, BLK Vintage.

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Leah Turner

Leah Turner
Chelsea Thompson

A Latina country music artist embracing her roots? ¡Órale!

Leah Turner is releasing her EP Lost in Translation on Oct. 15, and tells PEOPLE there's a song on it for "all walks of life" and for "every emotion."

Turner considers herself a "product of the American Dream," and allows her music to translate the marriage between country music and Latinx culture — something she's strived for all along.

Her latest single, "Vaquera and the Cowboy," represents the relationship she grew up watching between her mom and dad.

"I've been blessed to have a front row seat to a love that stands the test of time — a love that, when you let hearts speak and chemistry be felt, nothing gets lost in translation," she says.

Watch the music video for her latest single "Wax on the Table."

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Ricardo Jiménez

José Daniel Betances, who goes by Amenazzy, is here for a good time.

The Dominican singer tells PEOPLE that beyond learning about him, he'd like for people to listen to his newest EP Santo Niño to get the full experience.

"My music is energetic. At the end of the day, I just want people to have a good time, so they can enjoy and dance to it," he says. "I want them to disconnect a bit from their routine, which sometimes can be repetitive."

He's currently looking for new music in between shows and other daily commitments — in search of "la musa," his muse.

Watch the music video for the single Amenazzy says he'd want people to listen to first when checking him out, titled "Miedo."

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Muni Long

muni long
Tony Bee

Muni Long is a "storyteller for the people."

You've heard some of her storytelling, as she's a prolific lyricist for stars like Rihanna, Little Mix, Madonna and Ariana Grande — but she has some things to say on her own too.

"What sets me apart from other artists is my intention. I am uniquely me," the "Just Beginning" songstress tells PEOPLE. "I create from my own experience on this planet. My pain, my observation, my likes, my loves, my dreams, my mistakes, my experiences."

"My goal is to paint a picture of what life was like for me while I am here, so that when I'm gone I've left a manifesto behind for others to benefit from," she adds.

Check out her track "Plain Jane."

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Sophia Scott

Sophia Scott
Barron Boedecker

Sophia Scott is the queen of "Gruntry," the perfect mix of grunge and country.

Scott tells PEOPLE she "fell in love with country music at a very young age" — but it was the fact that she didn't grow up in the South that allows her to bring a different perspective to the genre.

"I used to suffer a bit from imposter syndrome, thinking that because I didn't grow up in the South, people wouldn't take me seriously as a country musician. Now, I find strength in my story and think it's what makes me unique," the "She Ain't Me" singer says.

Scott is currently working on her debut EP, scheduled for release next spring, and hopes to continue to connect with people through her music.

Listen to her latest single, "Fallback."

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Bella Dose

Bella Dose
Adi Muhtarevic

Bilingual queens!

Meet Bella Dose, the Latina girl group — comprised of Brianna Curiel, Melany Rivera, Jennifer Hernandez and Thais Rodriguez — who merge genres such as bachata and trap in their music that is "outside of the box."

"We're chameleons in everything we do," Hernandez tells PEOPLE. "We are always up to a challenge and love to absorb new information and knowledge. Whether it's learning a new dance or making new genres of music, we love to experiment."

As for who inspires the group, which has collaborated with DaniLeigh on track "Luna," they point toward powerhouse girl groups like the Spice Girls, Danity Kane and Destiny's Child.

"I love how they harmonized and showed their personalities individually," Curiel says.

Check out "Si Me Llamas," their hit from debut album Suelta.

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Cam Roden and Drew Yorke

With TALK, you're getting something real and raw.

"A lot of heart goes into it," he tells PEOPLE about his burgeoning career. "I started out writing as a form of therapy for myself and that hasn't changed."

The "Train" singer's music has become a fan favorite on TikTok, an experience he describes as "beautiful, humbling and also unbelievable," saying he's been able to connect with people through his music and personal stories.

When asked what he wants people to know about him, his answers are quite silly: "Firstly, I give the best hugs. Both my mother and grandmother both said it on record. That's two official sources. That means it has to be true. Secondly, if there's an option to take the elevator or the stairs, I will ALWAYS take the elevator. If you take the stairs in that scenario, I can't trust you. I'm sorry. Lastly, I am really bad at real-life basketball but really good at the arcade basketball with the motorized moving net. That's all I want people to know."

Check out TALK's new song "Hollywood," which is for when you're "ready to rage and do shots with your friends."

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Dan Kenny

This Nirvana-inspired group from Dublin is sure to bring out your inner rocker.

Inhaler tells PEOPLE that if there's one thing to know about the group — which consists of Robert Keating, Josh Jenkinson, Ryan McMahon and frontman Elijah Hewson, son of Bono — it's that they're "fairly normal guys."

"We're not mad into the whole rock and roll thing, we honestly prefer to get on the bus have a beer and chat s— with our crew," the "Fade Into You" artists say.

They're currently working on their live shows and writing music for their second album — and say that by being on tour, they've discovered different sounds and material.

Listen to their debut album It Won't Always Be Like This.

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Dante Velasquez Jr.

This ray of sunshine wants his music to stay "Close to You" — and make you feel comfy and warm.

JORDY tells PEOPLE that it's important to him that his songs "reflect my very true lived experiences."

"Every song on the album was written by myself and some of my best friends in the world, mostly over Zoom during the pandemic," the "Just Friends" singer says. "It was a crazy and scary year, but it ended up being a very productive time for me to work on the record."

The writer, who counts Julia Michaels as an inspiration, says that someone once described his warm music as "cotton candy" — and he loved that.

JORDY is currently working on his debut album, but for now, listen to his single "If He's in Your Bed."

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