Z100 host Elvis Duran, who has interviewed everyone from Lady Gaga to Adele, will release a book about his celebrity encounters

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Radio host and celebrity interviewer Elvis Duran has sat down with every major pop artist and rockstar from Lady Gaga to Adele. Once again he’s getting honest and candid in an interview—except this time, the subject is himself.

The host of the Z100 morning show, which is listened to by 10 million people each morning on iHeartRadio, is releasing his first memoir, Where Do I Begin: Stories from a Life Lived Out Loud. In the book, due out Oct. 1, he will detail his rise to fame, his struggle with his health (he lost over 100 lbs several years ago with the help of Dr. Oz) and eventually coming out as gay man on the radio. He will also open up about how he manages to get major pop stars to talk so candidly about their personal lives.

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“There’s always more to an artists’s music,” Duran, 54, tells PEOPLE. “Each artist has a story in them, and it’s amazing to have them come in and talk about what inspires them in their life to write their songs.” Of how he manages to get them to be so personal, he says, “A lot of the times, artists will open up about their personal life once they’re given the opportunity to talk about what went into making their songs and how they got there — it’s an organic way to get them to open up.”

Where Do I Begin Cover.jpg
Elvis Duran’s upcoming memoir.
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The cover art for Where Do I Begin? was just released in advance of the fall street date.

“All I really want, at the end of the day, is for people to look back on their own lives and recognize a moment they spent with me and my radio family as one of those moments that mattered,” says Duran in a statement. “Notbecause of anything especially insightful we said. But because we were there for them.”