Elvis Duran Is Married! All the Details on His Festive Santa Fe Wedding

Elvis Duran marries boyfriend of 10 years Alex Carr in New Mexico

Elvis Duran is a married man!

The longtime Z-100 radio deejay, 55, tied the knot with his boyfriend of 10 years Alex Carr, 39, on Saturday night during a festive ceremony at the Eldorado Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Both grooms were filled with joy as they exchanged heartfelt vows,” says wedding planner Mikie Russo.

After the grooms said their “I Do’s” and were introduced as husbands, a mariachi band serenaded the guests and everyone then enjoyed a cocktail hour that was set up like a street fair, complete with food trucks and market stalls.

“Guests got little souvenir bags and were able to take home trinkets from the market,” says wedding planner Mikie Russo of Michael Russo Events, who added that Day of the Dead performers in full makeup were also part of the cocktail hour, and that tons of bright orange marigold flowers were used in the decor. “Visually, it’s one of the most exciting weddings I’ve ever planned,” he says.

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Duran, who has been hosting The Morning Show (which reaches 10 million people daily) for over 20 years, quietly came out as gay to his listeners when he started discussing his dating life on-air. “I was never in the closet,” he told PEOPLE in 2015. “I just never talked about it. I was there to bring the fun and push the buttons. I never wanted it to become the ‘Elvis Is Gay’ show.”

When he met and fell in love with Carr, a zookeeper at the Staten Island Zoo, he had a change of heart. “I thought, if I really want to connect with my listeners, I need to talk about my personal life,” he told PEOPLE. “So I started talking about dating and had to say I was dating guys.”

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Duran, whose memoir Where Do I Begin: Stories from a Life Lived Out Loud will be out Oct. 1, also opened up to PEOPLE about losing over 100 lbs. five years ago after Dr. Oz told him he was dangerously overweight. Duran got bariatric sleeve surgery, and has kept the weight off ever since. “I realized I needed to take more responsibility for my health,” he said at the time.

The newlyweds, who live together in a Manhattan apartment, also have a home in Santa Fe.

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