"It's been actual evidence that we can just coexist really peacefully and really happily," said the singer of self-isolating with her husband, whom she wed on Aug. 31
Elle Goulding Glamour

Ellie Goulding is confident and comfortable while settling into married life.

In the May digital issue of Glamour UK, the "Love Me Like You Do" singer, 33, opened up about her marriage to Caspar Jopling, whom she wed on Aug. 31, 2019, in North Yorkshire, England. A little more than eight months later, Goulding told the magazine it's been "great" — even if some of their newlywed months are being spent under lockdown due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

"I can honestly say that we haven't come to blows, we haven't stormed out of the house or vice versa, and I'm grateful for that," she said of self-isolating with her husband. "It's probably not ideal straight after you get married to suddenly be completely forced together, but it's been actual evidence that we can just coexist really peacefully and really happily."

She added, "I think someone can really bring out the best in you and someone can really bring out the worst in you too."

The artist said her relationship with Jopling is "mature," unlike some of her previous couplings.

"We talk things through, and we never argue," said Goulding. "If we have differences, we talk them out; we don't just say, 'Well, I'm right and you're wrong and we'll just agree to differ.' We talk about why we might disagree on something."

Elle Goulding Glamour

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Reflecting on her dating history, the singer said she has grown her confidence significantly since her 20s.

"It's always with retrospect and hindsight when you say, 'Oh man, what was I doing with that person? I was so unhappy!'" she said. "I've definitely been through that and it's all been a learning curve. When I turned 30, I was like: 'Wow, my 20s went really quick. Real quick.'"

"But," she continued, "I'm having so much more of a better time in my 30s because I’ve realized everything that I did wrong and now I can correct it."

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Goulding admitted that she was a "jealous, chaotic, frenzied person" in her 20s — "I didn't know who I was," she explained — since she was thrust into stardom and "had no chance to settle into a routine and understand my habits and my personality."

"If you enter into a relationship as that person, then you will attract the same person that isn't right for you," she said. "Then for whatever reason, you keep going with this relationship because you feel safe in it and you feel like 'I'd rather be in this crazy relationship than be single.'"

She added: "I am really comfortable in my own skin now, comfortable in my own company, and I like myself a lot more than I used to; it's having someone that can support your happiness rather than be your happiness."

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