During an appearance on the British TV show This Morning on Wednesday, Ellie Goulding said that 10 years of non-stop touring took a toll

By Phil Boucher
May 15, 2019 04:40 PM

“Close to Me” singer Ellie Goulding has revealed that she once came close to quitting music.

During an appearance on the British TV show This Morning on Wednesday, Goulding, 32, said that 10 years of nonstop touring took a toll. “It got to a point a few years ago where I really had to go away from it all,” she said. “I thought for a second, ‘Maybe I can just quietly go away.’”

Goulding — who took two years out of the spotlight starting late 2016 — threw herself back into songwriting instead and ultimately rediscovered her passion for crafting songs.

Along the way she also fell in love with art dealer Caspar Jopling, 27, and the pair got engaged in August 2018. In beautifully downplayed romantic style, Jopling — who’s also an international rower for Team GB — announced his engagement to “Elena” in The Times newspaper.

“You’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever known, and I can’t wait to be your very giggly, in awe and loved up wife x”, Goulding responded on Instagram. The couple intends to marry next year.

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Goulding’s fourth album, due out in late 2019, will reflect both her hiatus from touring and her newfound love for music — and Jopling.

“I’ve been rejuvenated,” she told This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. “I think I just needed a second to breathe.”

She added, “I’m a woman now. I’m getting married next year. I’m a proper adult now, and the album is about my next chapter, my new adventure as a woman.”

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Goulding has returned to the spotlight with a much sharper take on the music world, which she entered as a 23-year-old following the success of her hit 2010 single “Starry Eyed.”

She has since gone on to sell three million albums worldwide, scored two U.S. top ten singles and sung at the 2011 royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the October 2018 wedding of pal Princess Eugenie.

“At the beginning it was all very new and exciting, and it was a new world,” Goulding told This Morning, before detailing how her self-confidence took a huge blow from years of non-stop performing.

“The touring, the travel, is just really tiring. It can really take a toll on your head and it’s lonely…It was just me out there and it was a lot to take on by myself,” she added.

“I signed my record deal when I was really young and was thrown straight into it. That was the default of my life in my twenties. Thank goodness I’ve had a chance to take a step back from it and do normal things, like see my family and watch my nephew grow up. I feel a bit more in control now.”