Ella Bleu Travolta Says Dad John Is 'Really Proud' of Her Budding Music Career

The singer released her latest single "No Thank You" in December

Ella Travolta
Ella Travolta. Photo: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Ella Bleu Travolta is coming into her own.

Speaking to PEOPLE about starring in the new Silk Nextmilk campaign, she opened up about pursuing her love for music — and the support her dad John Travolta has shown her along the way.

"Ever since I was little, I've really loved singing and performing — whether it was acting, dancing, singing," Ella, 22, tells PEOPLE.

"About two years ago at the beginning of the pandemic, I was like, 'Oh, I have some ideas for songs that I've just recorded as voice memos. I should try finishing them," she adds. "So I started completing those songs and writing them. I was like, 'Oh, I really like this.'"

Since then, she released emotional tracks "Dizzy" and "No Thank You." She also plans to release an EP later this year.

"I had never actually been in a relationship or anything, but I had watched other people be in relationships or experienced some form of love," she says about the forthcoming project's inspiration, which she plans to call The Colors of Love.

Ella (whose stage name is Ella Bleu) adds, "Each song is a different viewpoint on love, whether it's a familial or intimate relationship or anything that [involves] longing for love or unrequited love or grief and love. So, I definitely picked up things from experience, but also from friends and family and just watching other people as well."

Ella, whose parents are Travolta and the late Kelly Preston, says her dad is her biggest cheerleader.

Ella Travolta
John Travolta, Benjamin Travolta and Ella Travolta. Instagram

"He's really proud, which makes me very happy," she says. "He really likes the style of music as well. He enjoys listening to it and he will show everyone."

Earlier this year, Ella starred in a hilarious PlayStation commercial with the Grease star. And though she says they have no future plans for collaborations — Ella looks forward to doing it again. (They previously acted alongside one another in 2009's Old Dogs and 2019's The Poison Rose).

"I always jump at the opportunity to do something with my dad and we always have the most fun doing something together," she says. "So, hopefully we'll do something soon again. Maybe another project or movie. I'm always up for that."

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