Ed Sheeran Talks Grammy Snub on 'Ellen' : 'Some Years You Have Your Year and Some Years You Don't'

Ed Sheeran's fans may have been upset with his Grammy snubs, but the 26-year-old "Shape of You" singer seemed okay with the outcome

Ed Sheeran fans were none too happy when the nominees for the 60th annual Grammy Awards were announced earlier this month, leaving the “Shape of You” singer and his album ÷ (Divide) snubbed from the four major categories: record, song, and album of the year.

But while his fans have popped off about him on Twitter, Sheeran, 26 — who did pick up two nominations for best pop solo performance and best pop vocal album — seemed content.

“My outlook on it is some years you have your year and some years you don’t have your year. Maybe this year isn’t my year,” he told Ellen DeGeneres in a clip from Ellen’s Show Me More Show on YouTube posted Friday.

“That’s where you win… when you actually see people enjoying the songs,” he added. “I’d rather have a lifetime of people coming up to me and saying, ‘This song affects me in a positive way. This song’s my wedding song. This song was my first kiss,’ than anything else. I think that’s where the validation comes from.”

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Sheeran went on to say that “Perfect,” his new single, is his favorite song on his album. “It was one of the fastest songs that I’d written. It just kind of came out,” Sheeran gushed. “It’s the first song I wrote for the album and I’m not really sick of it — I still listen to it.”

The star recently collaborated with Beyoncé for the third time, this time on the ballad — which he released Thursday. “The song came out so long ago in the scheme of music,” he explained. “And then I wanted to put it out as a single, so I thought of a way of relaunching it. I was like, ‘I love Beyoncé. Should I ask Beyoncé? In my head she’s going to say no, but you might as well ask. And she said yes!”

The song is inspired by his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, whom he’s been with for almost three years.

“We went to high school together,” Sheeran said. “She’s really cool. We live together, we have two cats [Calippo and Dorito] but they’re both really, really strange creatures. They kind of sit up like humans. It’s really strange. You’ll walk in and they’ll be looking at you.”

EXCLUSIVE: Ed Sheeran spotted leaving a hotel with Cherry Seaborn in New York City
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Elsewhere in the clip, Sheeran opened up about the October cycling accident that lead him to cancel a few tour dates.

In the fall, he broke his wrist, elbow and rib — later sharing photos of his casts to Instagram.

“I was cycling to the pub,” Sheeran explained of the accident. “I had two days off in between tours and went home and stayed at my girlfriend’s parents house. And we both got our bikes and were cycling to the pub, and I was going down a hill and I braked, fell off, hit both arms, but then was like, ‘It’s my only day off, I’m going to the pub.’ I cycled to the pub, got drunk with all my mates, then cycled home. Then in the morning, I was in so much pain, I drove myself to the hospital.”

Asked why he waited so long, Sheeran admitted, “I’m quite a clumsy person so I thought I was overreacting. I thought, ‘Oh the pain will go.’ But then it didn’t go.”

He healed quickly though. “Once the elbow got moving, it was alright,” Sheeran said. “But I couldn’t cut my food, wash, open doors — I was really, really dependent on Cherry for at least a month. I had to cancel some tour dates, which I’ve never done before. But I’m good.”

New clips of Ellen’s Show Me More Show are posted regularly on Ellen’s YouTube channel.

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