Drake Sues Woman Who Accused Him of Sexual Assault and Claimed She Was Pregnant

Drake is suing a woman who claimed he got her pregnant and sexually assaulted her, alleging that she made the whole thing up in order to extort million of dollars from him

Drake is suing a woman who claimed he got her pregnant and sexually assaulted her, alleging that she made the whole thing up in order to extort millions of dollars from him.

The Canadian rapper, 31, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Laquana Morris — a New Yorker who works in the adult industry under the name “Layla Lace” — seeking unspecified damages for civil extortion, intentional infliction of emotional distress, abuse of process, fraud, and defamation.

A representative for Lace could not be located and was not listed in the suit. Lace did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s requests for comment.

According to papers obtained by PEOPLE, Drake (né Aubrey Graham) first met Lace in February 2017 during a stop on his Boy Meets World Tour in Manchester, England. The two then went on to have consensual, protected sex in his hotel room after the concert including oral sex she “voluntarily and seemingly happily performed,” the lawsuit claims.

Drake continued on with his tour and Lace returned home to New York, though the lawsuit claims the two continued texting. Screengrabs of their alleged messages printed in the court documents show Lace seemingly attempting to pursue a relationship with Drake by sending him selfies, telling him she missed him, and offering to fly to Europe to see him.

When Drake stopped responding to her messages, Lace allegedly contacted a mutual friend who had introduced her to the rapper. She claimed, in screengrabs of her texts in the dispute, that she had bought a flight to see Drake but had lost out on $1,600 when she had to cancel due to his lack of response.

Lace then allegedly posted on a now-deleted Instagram saying that she was pregnant. “So I guess still in this era this is the new thing that after you tell a dude you pregnant they stop answering they phone,” she wrote, in part, in a post that was allegedly shared on April 17, 2017. “I feel so stupid… I never told this man ‘No’ I did everything he told me to do… ((NEVER)) asked him for a dime… But don’t worry ima make sure I make a field day out of your f—ing ass.”

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The lawsuit claims that Lace posted yet another Instagram threatening to leak messages between her and Drake. That month, she also gave an on-air interview to SiriusXM’s Shade 45, repeating the allegation that Drake impregnated her.

“It’s 100 percent sure. He knows it. I’m just going to leave it at that,” she said in a clip from the show posted to Instagram, adding that after she told Drake, “He pretty much was like, ‘Ima call you back’ and the phone calls just stopped.”

In May 2017, Lace then allegedly hired a lawyer, who contacted Drake and demanded money for his client’s alleged baby, the suit claims. The lawyer also sought damages for an online article that quoted sources saying Drake never even knew her.

Drake’s lawyers responded to Lace’s counsel, the lawsuit claims, saying that he would support the child if it was his but requested a paternity test. They also stated Drake never made any statement to the press about meeting Lace. According to the lawsuit, phone calls continued between the two legal teams until May 26, 2017 — when Lace allegedly refused to take a paternity test.

“There is no credible evidence of pregnancy, nor any baby, which would have been born last Fall,” Drake’s lawyer writes in the court documents.

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The following month, Lace made criminal allegations against Drake, the lawsuit claims — saying that the star assaulted her in Manchester by forcing her to perform oral sex on him against her will. While Manchester police were investigating the matter, the suit claims that a new lawyer for Lace contacted Drake’s counsel, allegedly threatening to make the complaint public unless Drake paid up.

But Drake was ultimately cleared by Manchester police of all Lace’s allegations, the lawsuit claims. Then Lace allegedly “demanded payment of millions of dollars in exchange for her silence.”

Her final alleged threats are why Drake filed his suit.

“Enough is enough,” the lawsuit says. “Drake is refusing to allow Layla to get away with her malicious plot and scheme to extort millions of dollars from him by threatening to go public with salacious (and ever-changing) false allegations of conduct that simply did not happen. … Layla and her attorneys underestimated Drake’s steadfast resolve not to pay hush money to avoid negative publicity arising from fabricated claims. He looks forward to holding Layla and those working in concert with her responsible for her egregious misconduct.”

When reached for comment, Drake’s rep referred PEOPLE to the suit.

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