Drake Kisses, Touches Underage Girl Onstage After Finding Out She Was 17, Resurfaced Video Shows

"I Like the way your breasts feel against my chest," Drake says in the recently resurfaced video

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A recently resurfaced video of Drake shows the rapper getting affectionate with an underage female fan and telling her in part, “I like the way your breasts feel against my chest.”

The old tour video of Drake, now 32, was posted to Twitter on Thursday, showing the Canadian star flirting with the fan after inviting her onstage during one of his past concerts.

It is unclear how old Drake was at the time or when the video was taken, but the Daily Beast — the first news outlet to report on the clip on Saturday — says it was captured “years ago.” TMZ reports that the video was taken at the Ogden Theatre in Colorado in May 2010, when Drake would have been 23. Reps for Drake and his record label, Cash Money Records, did not immediately return PEOPLE’s requests for comment, and the rapper has yet to publicly address the controversy.

According to the video, Drake appeared to dance with the fan onstage before kissing her on the shoulder and standing behind her while placing his arms against her chest in a hug.

“I get in trouble for s— like this,” he remarked in the video, walking away from the fan before asking her, “How old are you?”

“17,” she answered as the crowd erupted in surprise.

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Addressing the revelation in the video, Drake replied, “I can’t go to jail yet,” before commenting on how mature the fan looked for her age.

“I had fun, I don’t know if I should feel guilty or not, but I had fun. I like the way your breasts feel against my chest,” he continued, adding, “I just want to thank you.”

Drake proceeded to kiss the underage fan’s hand before kissing each of her cheeks, her forehead and her lips.

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In response to the video, many people online have spoken out against the rapper’s past behavior.

Wrote one Twitter user, “Drake is a whole entire piece of s— for this,” while another simply wrote, “Drake Is Over.”

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