Drake Bell Talks 'Constantly Evolving' Music and Racy New Photos: 'I'm Finding More Ways Than Ever to Express Myself'


It’s a big week for Drake Bell fans.

Bell released two new singles this week: “Call Me When You’re Lonelyand “First Thing in the Morning” — and much like his hit Rewind, his new songs tackle the complexities of love.

“My music has been constantly evolving and I’m finding more ways than ever to express myself musically,” Bell — who shared behind-the-scenes photos from the album shoot exclusively with PEOPLE — says.

And while both singles feature collaborations with other artists, working with Lil Mama on “Call Me When You’re Lonely” was an extra-special experience for Bell. After starring alongside the rapper on the MTV show The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars earlier this year, Bell says the two knew they wanted to work together.

“Lil Mama heard the song while we were filming The Challenge and loved it,” he says. “After the show wrapped, we got together in New York City and stayed up all night working on it.”


As for “First Thing in the Morning” (out Wednesday!), Bell called on his time touring the world for his musical inspiration.

“I have a big Latin following and spend a lot of time playing in those parts of the world,” he says. “I think being around that music and culture has heavily influenced my newer records.”

The song, featuring Mike Taylor, follows Bell’s emotions after a passionate night.

“It only took one night/ Suddenly now I’m addicted/ Only one way to fix it,” he sings.


Best known for his days on The Amanda Show and Drake and Joshfor which he wrote the show’s theme song “Found a Way” — Bell began his music career as an independent artist in the early 2000s.

“Growing up listening to Sublime, being a surfer kid, this whole EP is a completely new sound,” Bell told PEOPLE in July. “The last record I did was a pet project. For this record, it was time to get back in and give the fans some stuff.”

The singer is finishing up the last leg of his Drake Bell STRIPPED tour, an unplugged intimate showcase tour. Dates can be found on Bell’s socials and website.

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