'Don't Panic!' DJ Khaled Injured in Jet Ski Accident and Goes to Drake and Diddy for Help

DJ Khaled's friends came to his rescue after he got into a jet ski accident on Wednesday

Photo: DJ Khaled/Instagram

DJ Khaled‘s friends came to his rescue after he got into a jet ski accident on Wednesday.

The musician posted a series of Instagram videos about his ordeal, explaining that he was on the way to Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ house via his jet ski when he smashed into a floating tree.

Khaled’s videos were an SOS to anyone watching, as he told his followers, “This ain’t no joke. I am stuck! This ain’t no joke, team. Never a joke, that’s the problem. S—! Honey, I just text you. Check your text… anybody know my people, tell them to check their texts, tell them I took the secret route.”

In another post, the producer turned his accident into a source of motivation, “To be honest with you the only reason why I’m documenting this… is because in life there are roadblocks and you have to overcome every roadblock. The key is don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic.”

The father of one attempted to ride over the branches, but got stuck and received painful scratches on his leg. Despite the pain — and the blood — he had more encouraging words for his viewers, saying, “I cut myself. The key is don’t panic. This ain’t no joke, team. I ain’t panicking, I just got to figure it out. I am stuck in a tree in the ocean.”

Khaled eventually made it to Diddy’s home, posting a video saying, “I’m okay, I made it to Diddy’s house,” while then posting a second video of Diddy and Drake waiting for him from the dock of the former’s home.

In the caption of the video, the singer wrote, “My brothers making sure I’m good 🙏🏽 bless up ! MOGUL TALK !”

In another post, Diddy is heard laughingly asking, “What happened today?” as Khaled wades in a pool.

“I wanted to come see my brother, I decided to take the secret route and the secret route had a bunch of trees,” Khaled said. “I thought I could go around it, but I got stuck in the thing and cut my whole leg up.”

This isn’t the first time Khaled has had a dangerous adventure on his jet ski. In a now famous Snapchat story, the 42-year-old producer allegedly got lost while riding his jet ski at night. The riveting (and comical) string of Snaps followed the DJ as he rode around on the water in search of land.

“It’s so dark out here. We don’t know where the hell we at, but the key is to make it,” Khaled is heard saying in one of the Snaps. “The key is never give up. It’s not easy to win. I know that the key is to make it.”

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After nearly two minutes of Snaps, the 40-year-old was apparently safe and sound. In true Khaled form, he left fans with a very important key to success.

“The key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark this ain’t right.”

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