Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin mockingly posed under a photo of Hillary Clinton during their White House visit
Credit: The White House

Kid Rock and his new fiancée, Audrey Berry, have generally kept their relationship under the radar, but on Wednesday evening their appearance at the White House changed all that — bigly.

The duo visited President Donald Trump at his new Washington, D.C. home as guests of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, she wrote on her website. She also invited avowed Trump supporter Ted Nugent and his wife, Shemane, for the VIP White House dinner.

“President Trump’s invitation for dinner included bringing a couple of friends; it was the highest honor to have great Americans who are independent, hardworking, patriotic, and unafraid share commonsense solutions at the White House. (Asked why I invited Kid Rock and Ted Nugent I joked, “Because Jesus was booked.”),” she wrote of the evening.

Rock and Berry’s engagement became public earlier this month after she was spotted with a diamond ring on her left ring finger. The pair have been together for years, but usually avoid the limelight.

The 46-year-old Detroit native publicly supported Trump last year, telling Rolling Stone that he was “digging” the then-candidate.

“My feeling: let the motherf—ing business guy run [the country] like a f—ing business. And his campaign has been entertaining as s—,” he said.

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During Wednesday’s White House visit, Rock joined Palin and Nugent beneath a portrait of Hillary Clinton — with their body language making it clear they have no love for the former first lady Trump defeated in last November’s presidential election.

Nugent, 68, hasn’t been shy about his contempt for Clinton in the past. According to Rolling Stone, the rocker once brandished two machine guns during a 2007 concert and announced “Obama, he’s a piece of s—. I told him to suck on my machine gun. Hey Hillary,” he continued. “You might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless b—-.”

Last November, Nugent also crudely expressed his support for Trump at an election-eve rally in his home state of Michigan.

“I’ve got your blue state right here, baby! Black and blue!” he said while holding his crotch. (Michigan was considered a swing state, but narrowly chose Trump by 3/10 of a percentage point, per The New York Times.)

Things seemed more civilized on Wednesday evening, with Palin writing that the group — which also included her 22-year-old daughter Willow — enjoyed a “superb” dinner at the White House.

“The company was wonderful and dinner was beyond superb, with Baked Alaska for dessert,” she wrote. “Thanks to the outstanding White House staff, chefs, Secret Service, and of course the President for making it such a special evening.”