"I love the music business — from when I was in it in the '70s as an agent and manager to today's new music and hot acts," Dennis Haskins tells PEOPLE

By Dave Quinn
July 13, 2017 12:00 PM

PEOPLE’s got the exclusive premiere of the Dirty Heads’ video for their song “Vacation” — and it just may leave Saved by the Bell fans asking, “Hey hey hey WHAT is going on here?”

The track, the first single of the California band’s upcoming album, is a joyous celebration of life, with the band singing “I’m on vacation / every single day / ’cause I love my occupation.”

To help sell the message, they turned to America’s favorite principal Mr. Belding — a.k.a. Dennis Haskins, the 66-year-old actor who famously played the uptight yet lovable Bayside High School headmaster on the popular 1989 NBC Saturday morning show.

In a page from George Michael‘s iconic “Freedom 90” video, the men of Dirty Heads don’t appear in the video — save for a small cameo. Instead, Haskins has control as he runs around an empty school and lip-syncs along with the track.

Five Seven

There are plenty of references to Saved by the Bell in there for fans, starting with the red-colored lockers around the school and Belding’s desk / PA system.

Signs hung in the stairwell call out popular phrases from the show, including “Save the Max,” “No Hope with Dope” and “Go Tigers.” While the Big Bopper himself spray paints “Ron Sucks” onto the locker — a callout to Belding’s brother and rival.

Five Seven

Other Bayside Easter eggs in the Wayne Isham and Ryan Ewing-directed clip? Zack Morris’ brick phone, Screech’s Elvis statue, Lisa Turtle’s “Sprain” dance and Jesse Spano’s infamous caffeine pills.

At one point, Haskins even dons the Bayside Tigers’ mascot head.

Five Seven
Five Seven

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Haskins told PEOPLE he was excited to be involved in the Dirty Heads project.

“I love the music business — from when I was in it in the ’70s as an agent and manager to today’s new music and hot acts,” he said. “And to get to be in this video for Dirty Heads is a true gift!”

Watch the video above for more Saved by the Bell goodness.

Dirty Heads’ still-untitled new album, which will be their sixth LP, drops this fall.