Dionne Warwick on 'Twoting' and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: 'He Said I Should Put You on Staff'

"I think people are enjoying my honesty," says Warwick, who's one of PEOPLE's 100 Reasons to Love America

Her singular voice made her a music legend but it was Dionne Warwick's tweets, telling The Weeknd his name was misspelled for example, and asking Chance the Rapper, "If you are obviously a rapper, why did you put it in your stage name?" that made Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey take note.

"I have kind of changed the tone of this thing called Twitter," Warwick tells PEOPLE. "Jack let me know he's so pleased that I made my presence known because I've put a new spin on how these youngsters interact with each other. He said, 'I should put you on staff' and I said, 'Well, let's talk about some kind of compensation here.'"

Her direct approach made her a star on social media this past year.

"I think people are enjoying my honesty," says Warwick, one of People's 100 Reasons to Love America in this week's issue. "I lay it right out for you. I don't edit."

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After the singer's niece introduced her to the social media platform, Warwick, 80, developed a knack for off-the-cuff and unexpected comments. After tweeting "What does Offset mean?" in January, followed by "Is there also an Onset walking around somewhere," she's become friends with the rapper and his wife Cardi B.

"I call them my babies. They've been in the business a snap compared to me," she says. And she's also become a Cardi fan. "She's just adorable," says Warwick. "I like that she knows who she is and does not apologize for it which is wonderful because you always have to be who you are."

She's now collaborating with Chance the Rapper and they have been working on new music together.

"Hopefully by this August, you'll be hearing from Chance the Rapper and Dionne the Singer," says Warwick. "He's an incredible young man. We've talked over the phone several times. I've met his father and mother over the phone. We've become friends."

She's also been having fun communicating with her fans old and new over social media. "It's been a ball," she says. "I think the way I approached it, always with laughter and never bashing anyone — you don't have to say to anyone what you don't want said back to you. Let's put a little laughter into it. In my small way, I think I've started a trend to become more mellow, so we can all calm down and enjoy it."

She's even come up with a new word when talking about her Twitter.

"I called it Twote-ing," she says. "Not twittering but twote-ing. As in 'I twoted yesterday' or 'I'm going to twote.' T-W-O-T-E. It's a softer sound than tweet. You can use it any way you want."

Asked if it might enter the lexicon, she says, "Why not?"

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