“Enough is enough. Now is the time for a call to action," Diane Warren says in a video supporting Everytown for Gun Safety

By Maria Pasquini
February 22, 2018 05:35 PM

Diane Warren is standing up for gun safety.

The “Stand Up for Something” songwriter is speaking out in support of the movement to end gun violence, following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on Feb. 14.

“The 17 lives lost in Parkland, Florida, is another senseless tragedy that has devastated all of us,” Warren, 61, says in a new video for the organization Everytown for Gun Safety alongside artist and activist Nzinga Blake.

“Enough is enough. Now is the time for a call to action. Please support the efforts of the organization Everytown for Gun Safety that is working so hard to end gun violence,” she adds, before referencing a set of lyrics from the Oscar-nominated song: “It all means nothing, if you don’t stand up for something. You can’t just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.”

Although Warren’s song, which appears in the film Marshall, wasn’t written specifically with gun violence in mind, its message continually inspires her to stand up for what’s important.

“It was always my intention to have the song have a life outside Marshall,” Warren tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I envisioned it as a call to action, much in the spirit of the iconic soul protest songs classics like ‘A Change Is Gonna Come,’ and thankfully it seems to be having that same effect. Whether it’s Everytown, NAACP, CNN Heroes, ACLU, LA Women’s March, and even the NBA All-Star weekend, the song is having an effect. I’m simply so grateful. A song has the power to inspire, motivate and comfort people. I’m honored and appreciative that ‘Stand Up for Something’ is contributing to that.”

She continues, “Now is the time to stand up and make a change. And these students and people all across the country, with their courage and bravery, are doing just that. I feel in my heart that these kids are going to be the ones that make the change. ”

During an interview with Gold Derby on Tuesday, Warren also remarked that “Stand for Something” has been the most important and meaningful song of her career because “not only does it fit this movie, but it really fits our times.”

“Who knew how timely it would be, because every day all our rights are under attack,” Warren said during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in December of last year, as she discussed the importance of the song she and Common wrote together before and after Donald Trump‘s election.

“I hope it makes everybody stand up and not take any of this s—,” she continued, adding that even though times are rough, “as long as we stand up, no one can f— with us.”

To support Everytown for Gun Safety, visit everytown.org or text “ACT” to 644-33.

  • Reporting by SARAH MICHAUD