Destiny's Child's Michelle Williams Didn't Think 'Young' Coachella Crowd Would Know Who She Was

Michelle Williams revealed she assumed that the thousands in the Coachella crowd would not recognize her as one-third of Destiny's Child

Michelle Williams was wondering at Coachella: (Would they) Say my name, say my name.

After pulling off two weekends of surprise appearances during Beyoncé‘s history-making sets, the newly engaged singer, 37, revealed she assumed that the thousands in the crowd would not recognize her as one-third of Destiny’s Child.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times about the reunion, Williams admitted that she was surprised at the level of passion received when she and Kelly Rowland joined Beyoncé on the main stage on April 14 and April 21.

“With the young kids it does. They definitely know who Beyoncé is. But then they see these two other girls — like, ‘Who are these girls that my mom is going crazy about?’ ” Williams joked.

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“Some of these kids were probably 2 years old when ‘Lose My Breath’ came out. And they for darn sure weren’t even thought of when ‘Survivor’ came out,” she said about their 2004 single and 2001 hit, respectively.

Another element of the performances that surprised Williams was the level of production Beyoncé was able to pull off.

“Initially I was like, ‘Bey, just go out there and have fun. People are gonna be so excited to see you.’ And then I walked into rehearsal for the first time and saw this big old pyramid and that it was gonna be filled to the brim with humans,” she recalled.

Adding, “I said, ‘What in the bejesus is this? I told you just to go have fun!’ But she can never do anything that we would think is normal. And this is what’s fun for her.”

On the “big old pyramid,” Williams even joked that the Coachella prop would be reused for Beyoncé’s 10-month-old twins, Rumi and Sir. “I said, ‘Where is this pyramid going, by the way? Are the twins gonna play on it one day? Is it gonna be their swing set?'” she remembered telling the mother of three.

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While Coachella was the first Destiny’s Child gathering since Beyoncé headlined the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show, the three ladies have kept in touch offstage.

“I think because we have a relationship off the stage that’s so easy and fun, that chemistry ignites when we’re together. We’ve kept to our word back in the early 2000s, when we went on our first hiatus — we said that we would always participate in each other’s projects in whatever capacity we could,” Williams said.

In addition, Beyoncé, Rowland and Williams are back in the same town, in fact just minutes away from one another.

“I just moved to L.A. full-time in January, and I’m so happy to finally move to where the girls are. Kelly is a four-minute drive from me; I think Bey is 17 minutes exactly,” Williams shared. “So we can get together any time, whenever we want to. We haven’t lived in the same city since we left Houston in the early 2000s.”

And the girl group will surely be involved in Williams’ forthcoming wedding.

While Williams is still figuring out all the details of her wedding, she says that both Rowland and Beyoncé will be there. “My ladies, they will be there,” she told Good Morning America on Monday, adding that Rowland “wants to throw my bachelorette party, so God knows what’s gonna go down there.”

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