"He's a force for good - not only with his music, but also as a human being," Derek Hough says of Michael Bulé
Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Derek Hough was honored when asked to direct the music video for Michael Bublé‘s next single, “I Believe in You.”

“It was an absolute privilege to be a part of it,” the Dancing with the Stars pro tells PEOPLE of developing the video from concept to final cut.

Bublé — who is taking a step back from the spotlight to spend time with his family while his 3-year-old son Noah battles cancer — is not a part of the video, but Hough says the singer is exactly the type of person he prefers to work with on projects.

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“I’ve been a huge fan of Michael for a long time. I think that he embodies positivity,” says Hough. “He’s a force for good — not only with his music, but also as a human being. He’s such a good guy and I only want to be a part of good things and positive things.”

Hough says he was inspired by his grandparents’ love story when coming up for the concept of the video, which tells a life-long love story.

My grandpa passed away this past year. My grandparents had been together for over 60 years. They danced together every morning and every evening,” he says. “When I heard the song, I just kept picturing my grandparents and this love that lasted for such a long time. I wanted to show a love story that stood the test of time.”

Spending so much time focusing on the theme of love and working with young kids on the shoot had a surprising and profound effect on Hough.

“Honestly, it makes me want to have kids,” Hough says of working on the music video, which is slated to be released Valentine’s Day. “I have so many nieces and nephews and I love them dearly, but I’m always happy to give them back at the end of the day. But by the end of filming, I was inspired to start a family.”