After spending six months working on his new album, Out of the Box, Dennis Quaid is looking forward to taking some time off

By Deirdre Durkan
December 05, 2018 05:35 PM

After spending six months working on his new album Out of the Box, Dennis Quaid is looking forward to taking some time off.

When asked about his holiday plans at his album release party with his band The Sharks on Tuesday night, the 64 year-old actor and singer opened up about looking forward to his upcoming vacation with his girlfriend Santa Auzina, 31.

“Chilling out in Hawaii with my girlfriend and my kids and her kids and doing nothing but watching the kids and chilling,” the star told PEOPLE exclusively when asked how he plans on spending the next month.

While performing songs off his new album at The Village Studios in Los Angeles, Quaid revealed to the audience that his track, “You’re So Fine,” is about the French-Canadian model.

While Quaid sang, she danced along and FaceTimed her young twin daughters.

Quaid and Auzina began dating after the actor split from his wife of 12 years, Kimberly Buffington, in 2016. The actor shares 10-year-old twins, Thomas Grace and Zoe Grace, with Buffington, and a 26-year-old son Jack from his previous marriage with actress Meg Ryan.

Quaid and Auzina first sparked romance rumors in July of 2017 when they were spotted looking cozy together at the Atwater Cocktail Club.

A year later, the couple celebrated their one-year dating anniversary with a romantic getaway to Whistler, Canada.

Brad Barket/Getty

While Quaid — who is a fixture on Auzina’s Instagram account — has his hands full as a dad, he is also hitting a new stride in his new venture as a musician.

“It’s my very first record, ever,” he said. “We’ve been together 18 years. We are The Sharks and we’re going to be the oldest guys to make it in rock ‘n’ roll.”

Quaid describes his transition into music as “very natural” because of his background experimenting in bands throughout his teen years.

“I’ve been playing music since I was 12 years old and I was even in bands back when I was a teenager. Since junior high school, I’ve been doing this either under the radar or in films, like Great Ball of Fire,” he adds. “I’ve had a very lucky life to be able to meet and be mentored and hang out with some really incredible musicians.”

The rhythm guitarist also shares a special bond with his band mates.

Dennis Quaid
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“We finally reached that point when you’re playing on stage and the only communication is the one going between you,” he says of working with The Sharks. “You can feel each other, and the music, and feel the audience as well. It all circulates to you and to the audience and back. I guess it’s called love.”

For Quaid, this album is just the first of many more to follow.

Says the star: “I think we can be quicker on the next one. The Beatles put an album out every six months back in the day. I think that’s what we would like to do!”