Demi Lovato clapped back on Twitter to those who persist in knowing her sexuality

By Alexia Fernandez
September 20, 2017 10:10 PM
Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS

Demi Lovato is not done clapping back at those pushing her to answer questions on her sexuality.

The “Confident” singer, 25, responded to a complaint about her decision to avoid questions regarding her sexuality on Wednesday.

“I love Demi Lovato, but her reason for refusing to talk about her sexuality is total bulls—,” Noah Michaelson, a director and executive editor at the Huffington Post, tweeted.

Lovato’s tweeted back, writing, “Expectant and rude. Watch my documentary and chill out.”

The singer was referring to her YouTube documentary I Am: Demi Lovato. After responding to the tweet, Lovato tweeted again, writing, “Just because I’m refuse to label myself for the sake of a headline doesn’t mean I’m not going to stand up for what I believe in.”

“If you’re that curious about my sexuality, watch my documentary,” she wrote in a third tweet. “But I don’t owe anybody anything.”

This isn’t the first time Lovato has avoided talking about her sexuality, telling Pride Source recently, “I love who I love.”

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When asked if she’d like to speak directly about her sexuality, Lovato replied, “Thank you for the opportunity, but I think I’m gonna pass.”

“I think we live in a world today where no matter what you do, you’re doing something wrong, whether it’s cultural appropriation or it’s being insensitive to certain groups of people,” Lovato said when talking about “Cool for the Summer.”

When asked whether there was a specific reason why she chose not to speak openly about her sexuality the singer replied, “I just feel like everyone’s always looking for a headline and they always want their magazine or TV show or whatever to be the one to break what my sexuality is.”