Demi Lovato Says 'Life Is a Journey' as She Reveals She's 'Feeling Not Super Confident'

"I haven't worn a pair of jeans in forever because I don't like jeans, they don't make me feel great right now," Demi Lovato said

Demi Lovato is opening up about her struggles.

In an Instagram story that she shared on Thursday, the superstar, 27, revealed that she has been quietly dealing with issues of her own despite her recent successes which include an emotional Grammys performance of her new track “Anyone,” her powerful rendition of the national anthem at Super Bowl LIV and her new appearance on Ashley Graham‘s podcast Pretty Big Deal.

“Woke up feeling not super confident even tho my PBD episode just came out,” she began. “Let this be a reminder to anyone struggling out there — this life is a journey with tons of ups and downs but you can’t give up. I deal with s— on the daily but I know I’m gonna be okay with God on my side.”

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The singer also affirmed that the support she has received from her loved ones has been instrumental in her personal growth.

“Also you guys, my friends and family are pretty helpful too ???,” she concluded.

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Demi Lovato. New Music Daily with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1

During her sit-down with Graham, Lovato said that she will no longer “destroy” her mental health in order to maintain a certain look.

“I haven’t worn a pair of jeans in forever because I don’t like jeans, they don’t make me feel great right now,” she said. “And I don’t have to f—ing wear jeans if I don’t want to.”

She also revealed that she doesn’t know her current weight, which has allowed her to feel more liberated than ever.

“I finally feel like I have freedom from it because I literally don’t know my weight,” Lovato said. “And it’s the most free that I’ve ever felt in my whole life.”

The star says she has changed her focus from body positivity to body acceptance.

“Now when I look in the mirror and I start to have a negative thought, I don’t stop and say, ‘No, you’re beautiful, you’re gorgeous, I love you, you’re perfect the way you are.’ Because I don’t believe that,” she said. In those moments, Lovato instead says, “You’re healthy and I accept you.”

The singer has been very honest about her struggles leading up to her 2018 drug overdose and the battles she’s experienced following her recovery.

Speaking with Graham on the model’s podcast, Lovato said that after “running myself into the ground with workouts and extreme dieting,” she’s trying to take a new approach on her career. She explained that even recently, she was overworking herself.

“There were days when I lived at the gym, and I would take business meetings at the gym on my breaks from my workouts,” she explained. “And I’d be gross, but at least I didn’t have to leave and shower and I could go right back into my workout. I’d eat a meal, go workout, eat a meal, go workout. And it’s like, that’s just not happiness to me, that’s not freedom.”

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Lovato also admitted that she was still being pushed to maintain a certain body type, which is one of the triggers that led to her overdose. The songstress said that her mindset has changed, and she plans to make her career more body positive going forward.

“I made a choice going into this next album, okay when I present this, I’m not going to worry about what I look like. I’m not going to worry about trying to look a certain way or fit a certain mold or whatever, that’s just not who I am,” she said. “Someone needs to stand up for people who don’t naturally look that way. Like I had to work my ass off every day at the gym six days a week to maintain that figure, and it’s just like, that led me only one way, and I don’t want to go down that path again. So I’m not willing to destroy my mental health to look a certain way anymore.”

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