Demi Lovato Says She Sang 'Sorry Not Sorry' to a 'Notorious' Bully — Who Is She Calling Out?

Demi Lovato's performance of "Sorry Not Sorry," an anthem to her haters, took on extra meaning for the star during a recent concert

Demi Lovato‘s performance of her hit “Sorry Not Sorry,” an anthem to her haters, took on extra meaning for the star at a recent concert — because she was fueled by a certain audience member.

The 25-year-old singer revealed on Twitter, Monday, that she sang the song “directly to one of [U.S.A.’s] most notorious bullies” during a show.

It felt so f—— great. That’s what the song is all about!!!” she wrote. “Sorry not sorry that you were in the audience watching me kill it.”

In a second tweet, Lovato added, “And btw – he’s remaining nameless because he doesn’t deserve the relevance that he doesn’t have anymore.”

Despite not calling the person out directly, fans believed they had a pretty good idea of who the pop star was referencing: Perez Hilton. The gossip columnist, 39, shared a video review after attending Lovato’s concert over the weekend and also responded to the tweet.

“.@DDLovato thinks I’m irrelevant and wants to give me a little relevance by tweeting about me!” said Hilton, linking to the video review. “Sorry I’m not sorry I said nothing but nice things about her and it!”

Demi Lovato "Tell Me You Love Me" World Tour Opener - San Diego
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In his review, Hilton said he was a “fan” of Lovato’s and that she “vocally sounded amazing.”

“Previously, I thought she was just okay live, and that’s because she was giving more of a rock show. But now, she finally got dancers, and that really brought a lot more of a pop show element to Demi’s live experience,” he explained. “I have nothing bad to say.”

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The two previously clashed on social media in 2016, when the singer called out Hilton for “liking” tweets regarding an alleged feud between Lovato and Mariah Carey.

Lovato sent a direct message to the blogger telling him to “let it go already,” which Hilton then shared with his followers.

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