Demi Lovato Claps Back at Fan Accusing Her of Breaking Sobriety: 'I Don't Have to Defend Anything'

Demi Lovato celebrated six years of sobriety in March, and she wants fans to know she's still going strong

Demi Lovato celebrated six years of sobriety in March, and she wants fans to know she’s still going strong.

A recent photo of Lovato has led one fan to speculate whether she’s fallen off the wagon. The image in question, which shows the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer out on the town with old Disney Channel friends, first surfaced on a fan Instagram account for the pop star Hayley Kiyoko.

In a comment first noticed by Buzzfeed, one follower called out the glass that Lovato holds in her right hand. The glass was apparently shaded out when the photo was shared by her other friends who accompanied her in the picture.

“I’m not tryna question Demi’s sobriety bc I have a lot of respect for her,” the commenter says in part. “It just seems weird that her best friends post this pic with it shaded and then Hayley who isn’t rlly that close to Demi posts the one where you can see what she’s holding?? Like tf is going on.”

Lovato noticed the comment and posted one of her own, making it clear that she resented that implication that she had broken her sobriety. “I don’t have to defend anything but it was Red Bull,” she fired back.

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The 25-year-old singer — who has long been vocal about her struggles with addiction and her treatment for bipolar disorder, bulimia, self-harm and substance abuse — shared a Twitter post on March 15 celebrating the sixth anniversary of her triumph over substance abuse.

“Just officially turned 6 years sober,” Lovato wrote. “So grateful for another year of joy, health and happiness. It IS possible. 🙏🏼”

The news came months after the release of her acclaimed documentary Simply Complicated, in which she chronicled the daily struggles she experiences with her recovery. The candid film even began with Lovato admitting she was using cocaine for the majority of filming for her 2012 documentary Stay Strong.

“I was so honest in that documentary but I wasn’t honest enough. And I think it was because I wasn’t honest with myself,” Lovato told PEOPLE in October. “Yes, I did touch on issues and certain things that were real and true but I think the biggest problem was I was lying to myself. And in this documentary, I’m 1000 percent sober and I get to really explain myself and apologize to my fans. There wasn’t anything that was off-limits.”

“It’s something I definitely feel relief from,” she added. “Being so honest and open and talking about subjects that I never talked about before is a big part of why I feel relieved … I feel like I got to really speak my truth.”

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