Dani Vitale — one of Lovato's backup dancers on her "Tell Me You Love Me" Tour — broke her silence on Instagram, Sunday

Dani Vitale wants fans to stop the “negativity” toward Demi Lovato’s friends as the singer recovers from an apparent overdose.

Vitale — one of Lovato’s backup dancers on her “Tell Me You Love Me” Tour — broke her silence on Instagram, Sunday, writing, “I care about Demi just like all of you do. I have not said anything about this situation until now because her recovery has been of the most importance.”

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She continued, “Like all of you, I have nothing but love in my heart for her. There is no need for any negativity towards the one who care about Demi at this time. There is too much of it in this world as it is.”

Vitale ended her message with a request, “Remember that you always have a community of Lovatics who LOVE. Please remember that when you take out your phones and start typing. Remember that we all love her more than we can ever put into words. Please continue send her love during her recovery.”

Vitale has posted about Lovato, 25, a number of times in the past. In March, she uploaded a photograph of the two embracing onstage during the “Tell Me You Love Me” tour and wrote, “My favorite moment every night – #wcw.”

PEOPLE previously reported that a source said Lovato and “her ‘friends’ were on a binger the entire night” before the apparent overdose that occurred at her Hollywood Hills home last Tuesday. Added the source, “The people she has been hanging around lately aren’t her real friends — they don’t have her best interests at heart. She’s pushed her true friends away.”

The singer’s publicist released a statement last Tuesday confirming Lovato that was “awake and with her family who want to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers and support.”

Though reports have indicated the overdose was heroin-related, a source close to Lovato previously told PEOPLE that it was not.

One person by her side since is ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. Another source previously told PEOPLE, “Her whole family and Wilmer are just there to support her through recovery.”

“Wilmer has spent hours at the hospital with Demi every day,” another insider told PEOPLE. “He seems very concerned about her.”

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A different source close to the singer told PEOPLE that a lot of Lovato’s longtime friends were left “shocked” and “reeling” from the incident.

“A lot of people knew she was drinking again, but not that she was using drugs again,” the source said. “That was a shock to a lot of those around her, even those who have spent extended periods of time with her over the last several weeks. When she’s slipped up or been close to slipping up in the past, the biggest concern was alcohol.”

If you or someone you know is in need of help, please contact the SAMHSA substance abuse helpline at 1-800-662-HELP.