Demi Lovato Announces New Single 'Skin of My Teeth' After Teasing Pop Music Departure

Demi Lovato has said their new album is their "absolute best yet"

Demi Lovato fans, it's time — their newest single now has a name!

The singer revealed on social media that the lead single off their upcoming eighth studio album will be called "Skin of My Teeth."

After a fan on Twitter said that that was the song title "according to the streets," Lovato, 29, appeared to confirm the rumors, responding to a fan who wrote, "what street," with, "My Street."

The "Stone Cold" singer previously offered fans a glimpse of what was to come on their Instagram Story, writing that they were "so proud" of their forthcoming new album.

"Getting emotional listening to my new album because I'm so proud of it," they wrote. "It's my absolute best yet and so representative of me, where I started and who I am today."

They continued, "Yesterday I posted a song called 'Happy Ending' and even tho I wrote this in an incredibly dark place, I'm so grateful I'm no longer in that low, cold and lonely place... I'm sure that no matter what happens in my happy ending is never having to fall into old habits again."

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

The new album will be Lovato's first new release since Dancing With the Devil … The Art of Starting Over, which they released in 2021 along with an accompanying documentary series.

The star implied that the release would usher in a new era for them after they posted a photo with several friends dressed in black in January.

"A funeral for my pop music," Lovato captioned the photo, which featured them giving the camera two middle fingers.

They later told Rolling Stone that fans can expect to hear some "heaviness" in their new sound.

"It's a new era reminiscent of my first era," they said. "I'm ever-evolving, ever-changing. I'd like to put the rest of my music behind me and start fresh in this new era for this next album — but I do that every album cycle."

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