Imagine Dragons Singer Dan Reynolds' Wife Reveals Estranged Couple Has Reconciled

Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynold's wife revealed the couple is back together announcing their split in April of last year

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Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds and his estranged wife Aja Volkman are giving their marriage another shot.

After announcing their split in April of last year, Volkman, 31, revealed she and Reynolds, 31, are working on “rebuilding.”

“I’m so proud of you @danreynolds I’m proud of your humility and ability to still show up as the basketball coaching baby loving Dad that you are,” Volkman penned in an emotional message shared on Instagram Tuesday.

The post comes just one day after Reynolds received a significant amount of backlash for abruptly stopping his performance while singing at the College Football Playoff national championship halftime show on Monday night in San Francisco — which he later explained was due to a sinus infection.

“I know that it’s been a crazy road. It’s killed us both in so many moments,” Volkman continued. “Last year we killed each other and now we are rebuilding. You can become your worst self in the eye of a giant storm. You almost have to. It’s rite of passage. It’s the only road to a better existence. A more mature sense of self.”

“An honest unbashed willingness to die a million deaths just to be sincere. That’s what we have done. And now. Honesty. That’s all we need. Continue to rip the bandaid off baby. I’ll do it with you. I’ll walk right through it and love every minute,” Volkman concluded the post.

Alongside the note was a photograph of Reynolds sitting at a kitchen counter starring down at his phone.

Reynolds Family

The couple, who wed in 2011, share three children — one-year-old twin girls Gia James and Coco Rae and daughter Arrow, 5.

In September, Reynolds admitted that his split from Volkman took a toll on their kids.

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“I have three little girls and this year for my family has been kind of a difficult year for personal and emotional reasons,” Reynolds previously told PEOPLE, “and just going through that and watching the effect on my girls has been very hard for me.”

Earlier this month, Volkman shared a blurry photo of herself and Reynolds kissing on New Year’s writing, “2019 is at least getting off to a good start.”

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