The couple reconciled in January 2019 following a seven-month split and welcomed their fourth child in October

By Sophie Dodd
December 26, 2019 10:30 AM

Dan Reynolds surprised wife Aja Volkman with a very special gift this Christmas: an engagement ring!

On Thursday, musician Volkman, 32, announced in a heartfelt post on Instagram that the Imagine Dragons frontman, also 32, had popped the question once again on Christmas Day, nearly one year after their reconciliation. “The answer has always been yes,” she wrote.

The couple, who wed in 2011, have been working on rebuilding their relationship since their split in April 2018. They announced their reconciliation the following January — just two months before revealing they were expecting baby No. 4.

“We didn’t speak much to each other for seven months. Then we started dating again,” Volkman told Parents in their December cover story. “We got a second chance at our marriage.”

After a whirlwind two years and time spent in marriage counseling, the couple are ready to “start again” — and are ringing in their next chapter and the new year with a diamond sparkler.

Volkman shared some new insight into their relationship and reconciliation in her post, alongside a photo of her smiling in front of their Christmas tree and covering her face with her newly ring-adorned hand.

Aja Volkman/Instagram

“Well, the last two years have been transformative to say the least,” she began. “I’ve never caused so much hurt or been so hurt by another human in my life. It took us a long time to really see each other.”

She delved into the ways their relationship “fell apart,” writing, “We were both emotional and driven and also hard on ourselves. We went through a whirlwind of successes and failures and we held each other tight because it was scary. But we also suffocated each other. We didn’t know ourselves well enough to maintain the strength from within. And it all began to crumble.”

“We hated ourselves. The night was long. 7 months long,” she added of their temporary split. She shared in her Parents cover story that she has “so much gratitude now” for those months apart, “because I learned to be fearless and to not compromise.” She added that “the one thing that never faltered is how much we love our children,” including twin daughters Gia James and Coco Rae, 2½, older daughter Arrow Eve, 7, and their newest addition, 3-month-old son Valentine.

The mother-of-four recounted the night Reynolds “came to [her] door” and they “were both forgiven,” sharing that while they decided to get back together, she wasn’t ready to put her ring back on at the time. “I just couldn’t go back to what we were,” she explained. “I told him that we would have to start again. He agreed.”

Nearly one year later, the Grammy winner got down on one knee for the second time on Christmas Day. “Before he could open his mouth I began to cry,” Volkman wrote. “Loaded tears that held nearly 10 years of growth. The answer has always been yes. Even before we knew what that meant.”