March 29, 2018 11:05 AM

If Courtney Love wants to get backstage, she’s not gonna wait around for some security guard to hand her a lanyard — she has other ways of getting in.

Drew Barrymore witnessed this firsthand years ago when the pair were out on the town for a night of live music.

“Courtney and I were at the backstage of a Seattle club,” the Santa Clarita Diet star told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday night. “We’d just come from seeing Green Day. We were going to see Beck play at a coffeehouse and the bouncer said, ‘I’m sorry, you can’t come in, you don’t have a backstage pass.’”

Love, grunge rock royalty and a titan of the Seattle scene, was not about to let a strict guard spoil their fun.

“Courtney looked at him and goes, ‘My face is a backstage pass,’” Barrymore recalled. “And then swept him aside and just walked in and I was still left there standing.”

Courtney Love and Drew Barrymore.

Just three months after she shelled out nearly $320,000 to settle old tax bills from 2012, the 53-year-old widow of Kurt Cobain is being pursued by the IRS over an unpaid 2016 tax bill that totals $568,674.62, according to a tax lien obtained by PEOPLE and first reported by The Blast.

Back in 2016, Love also paid the IRS roughly $266,000 for unpaid taxes in 2009 and 2011, The Blast reports.

The rocker’s financial issues come despite the fortune Cobain left behind when he died by suicide at his Seattle home after a lengthy battle with drugs and depression in 1994. Love told The Sunday Times in 2014 that she’d “lost about $27 million” of “Nirvana money,” mostly by settling lawsuits.

“I know that’s a lifetime of money to most people, but I’m a big girl,” she explained. “It’s rock ‘n roll, it’s Nirvana money, I had to let it go. I make enough to live on, I’m financially solvent, I focus on what I make now.”

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