Son of Joey McIntyre, Griffin McIntyre, tells PEOPLE about his big break with new Netflix series Country Comfort 

By Alyssa Johnson
April 20, 2021 11:00 AM
Griffin McIntyre
Credit: Suzannah Gold

Griffin McIntyre is ready for his turn in the spotlight!

The 13-year-old actor and singer landed his first role in a TV series with Netflix show Country Comfort, and while he's still growing as a young star, he's having a whole lot of fun while he's doing it. Plus, a little advice from his father, New Kids on the Block star Joey McIntyre, never hurts.

The 2021 comedy show centers around an aspiring, yet struggling, country singer, played by Katharine McPhee, who becomes a nanny for a southern gent named Beau and his five children. McIntyre stars as Dylan, the sarcastic and ambitious middle child of the family. 

"My favorite part has been just being around all of these great actors and crew members," McIntyre tells PEOPLE. "Just the whole experience is as exciting and amazing as the acting and shooting part. Being around everyone is amazing."

While he acts alongside McPhee and Eddie Cibrian, who plays Beau, McIntyre shares that he and his on-set-siblings goof off like real siblings off the set too. His Country Comfort brothers and sisters include young stars Ricardo Hurtado, Jamie Martin Mann, Shiloh Verrico and Pyper Braun.

"Me, Jamie and Ricardo, we hang out a lot in between takes and in Ricardo's dressing room, there's a couple of funny videos," says McIntrye. "Also, Pyper and Shiloh too! Just messing around is pretty fun."

McIntyre shares that Country Comfort has been a big learning experience as he's getting the hang of how to "communicate with directors and writers," but he also has been acting and singing since he was a child. The fact that he gets to do both onset is one of his favorite parts. 

"I love the combination [of acting and singing]," says McIntyre. "I've been acting since I was super young and I've been also singing since I was super young. I love singing and acting equally, but maybe singing a little bit more."

His love for singing and music further blossomed over the years as he was surrounded by the musical influences of his father's band, '80s and '90s pop group, New Kids on the Block

Joey McIntyre and Griffin McIntyre
Credit: Joey McIntyre/Instagram

"Just growing up around him and his band has been so much fun because of all the singing and the dancing," says McIntyre. "[My dad] usually gives me a lot of verbal tips, but it's usually on the stage and I just want to be right there with him."

The emerging actor shares that both his parents and especially his father have helped him to stay grounded amidst his new found fame. 

"My dad went through the same thing as me but a little bit bigger," says McIntrye. "But I talk to him and he says 'be humble' and all that stuff. I really appreciate it because it helps."

New school and old school certainly collide with this father-son duo, but Griffin jokes that while his other 13-year-old friends usually are not big New Kids on the Block fans, a lot of his "friends' moms" certainly are; he says that when starting his new school a few years ago, having a famous dad caused some commotion, but rest assured things settled down.

Griffin McIntyre Country Comfort

While the teen singer is following his dad's footsteps in the entertainment industry, McIntyre is making a name for himself and wants to continue to flourish as he plans to continue down the path of acting and singing. He's honing his skills on the piano and the electric guitar and shares that he would love to collaborate with role models Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes one day.

Watch Griffin on Country Comfort, streaming now on Netflix.