Cody Simpson & The Tide Share Inspiration Behind Their Debut EP 'Wave One'

Cody Simpson & The Tide share the places they drew inspiration from for their debut EP

Cody Simpson is debuting new music with his band The Tide.

Combining music with environmental and ocean activism, the Australian singer, 20, has joined forces with bandmates Adrian Cota and Reef Boji for a debut EP.

Simpson, drummer Adrian Cota and bassist Reef Boii stopped by PEOPLE Now to chat about Wave One and revealed they are major oldies fans.

“We get inspiration from different people for sure,” says Cota. “We love older people, you know, that don’t exist anymore.”

“A lot of ’50s and ’60s stuff,” Simpson adds about where they draw inspiration from. “I mean, me as a vocalist, I grew up with like Elvis Presley. We all take from a variety of different influences, but as a collective group we’ve been inspired by The Police, The Doors, even like Sublime and other bands kind of like that.”

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After spending more than 12 months creating the EP and narrowing down their easy-breezy summer tunes from over 40 songs to just four tracks, Simpson says it’s a project “we’re all pretty stoked on.”

“Well, we thought that these four that we put out first, we wanted to put them out as a package of four because we thought it was a great representation of the different facets and aspects of our sound and the blend that we were trying to achieve,” he says. “It’s just about figuring out what’s the most cohesive and what makes the most sense together.”

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