Cody Simpson Says He's '4 Months Sober' But 'Still Stoned' Amid His Romance with Miley Cyrus

"We keep each other in a good place," Cody Simpson previously said about he and girlfriend Miley Cyrus' sobriety journeys

Sobriety has left Cody Simpson on a natural high.

On Monday, the Masked Singer Australia winner, 22, updated fans about his journey, writing that he was now “4 months sober but still stoned” on his Instagram Story.

His note came just two weeks after Simpsons’ girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, also spoke out about her sobriety — saying in an Instagram Live stream that she too had hit the 4-month mark.

“It’s the best I’ve ever felt,” Cyrus, 26, revealed on an Instagram Live in October, according to ABC News. “I’m radiating.”

Last month, Simpson said on The Kyle and Jackie O Show that he and Cyrus were both sober — something that bonded the pair early on in their relationship.

“We keep each other in a good place,” Simpson said. “That’s what’s really healthy about it and I think that’s the first time I’ve had that in a relationship. We’re very, very much on the same page.”

Cody Simpson Instagram
Cody Simpson. Cody Simpson/Instagram

The star also gave more details about what inspired him to get sober.

“I haven’t had a drink in a while,” he continued. “I actually stopped drinking the day I started filming The Masked Singer. Everything since then for me has just been going great, so I kind of owe it all to just being really efficient and sharp. I won the show so it much have worked!’

Simpson went on to explain that his drinking, previously, was “not excessive.”

“I wasn’t, like, an alcoholic,” he clarified. “I would go out and party, but it wasn’t crazy. It was just enough that I would occasionally feel like it was affecting my productivity which, I just hate that feeling.”

When asked if he had plans to ever drink again, Simpson admitted that he was unsure. “I can’t say … as long as it feels good, I will [stay sober],” he said.

The singer also revealed that Cyrus felt the same way. “She doesn’t have plans either to touch it again,” Simpson said.

Longtime friends, Simpson and the “Slide Away” singer were first linked romantically in early October when they were spotted kissing while on a breakfast date.

At the time, Cyrus was coming off of high-profile back-to-back breakups, first with husband Liam Hemsworth and most recently with The Hills: New Beginnings star Kaitlynn Carter. Cyrus and Carter ended their whirlwind romance in late September, while Cyrus and Hemsworth ended their seven-month marriage one month prior.

Since then, Cyrus and Simpson have been going strong, posting cozy selfies on social media and documenting their time together.

He was by Cryus’ hospital bedside last month, serenading her as she recovered from tonsillitis surgery. The Aussie born singer also joined his new girlfriend and her mom, Tish, for lunch in L.A.

The couple further cemented their relationship when they got tattoos together.

Miley Cyrus Instagram
Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson. Miley Cyrus Instagram

Matt Zeidman, Simpson’s manager, previously told PEOPLE exclusively that his client and Cyrus were on the same page when it comes to their lifestyles.

It is early, but their friendship is long-standing and deeper than people realize,” he said. “Though they originally met during their own wilder phases, they’re both sober now and are focused on health, work and spending time together. Seems pretty ideal to me.”

Simpson also echoed those sentiments to PEOPLE, saying he and Cyrus “found each other again in a space where we’re both not partying” and “working real hard.”

“Any girlfriends I’ve had in the past has always been immediate romance and so it’s a different experience having been friends with somebody before and it developing naturally into something more,” he said.

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