Justin Bieber Tells Billie Eilish She Has a 'Long and Bright Future' as She Finally Meets Him

"Some of the most life changing things I'll ever experience happened over the weekend," Billie Eilish said

Billie Eilish may be the biggest celebrity Belieber — and she finally got to meet Justin Bieber!

Eilish’s Coachella weekend was full of memorable highlights, not only because she performed on Saturday, but also because she crossed paths with some of her favorite pop stars — most notably Bieber after he commented on her Instagram with a “Yooo check ur dm gurl.”

“So, this happened… Long and bright future ahead for you,” the 25-year-old singer captioned a photo of him and Eilish, 17, during Ariana Grande’s headlining set on Sunday.

Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, also captured the meeting, which he shared on Instagram Monday. “Beautiful moment. She finally met the kid! @wherearetheavocados @justinbieber,” Braun wrote along with a video that showed Eilish’s shocked reaction.

Billie Eillish
Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber/Instagram

Also in the footage, Bieber and Eilish shared a long hug, which Braun later called “magic” on his Instagram Story.

The feelings may be mutual: Bieber tweeted, “Proud of you @billieeilish,” early Sunday morning following her late night set.

Eilish’s mother also expressed thanks to Bieber. “This night! Thank you @justinbieber for making this perfect moment for Billie,” actress Maggie May Baird wrote on Instagram along with a photo of her daughter hugging Bieber.

“Words will never express how grateful we are to you for all that you have meant to Billie and for being such a huge part of our lives,” Baird said.

Meanwhile on Monday, Eilish alluded to her meeting with Bieber on Instagram Story with a lengthy message about her Coachella experience.

“Part of me feels like I need to post about all the things that happened yesterday… but right now I think I’m gonna keep it all as my own for now,” she wrote. “These are my memories.”

Eilish added, “Some of the most life changing things I’ll ever experience happened over the weekend. And I don’t want a bunch of pictures to have to prove that to anybody. Understand how moved I am. I don’t know how to process and relay the love I feel for the people I feel it for. I feel full thank you.”

During weekend one, Eilish also met Grande, Bieber’s wife Hailey Baldwin, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, who shared their interaction on Instagram, writing: “We must protect @wherearetheavocados, beings like her don’t enter our orbit often.”

Billie Eillish

Though she made many new famous friends, Eilish, no doubt, most excited to meet Bieber.

The “Ocean Eyes” singer has never shied away from expressing her admiration for Bieber, even calling him “my first love,” during a November 2018 radio interview with KROQ’s Kevin and Bean Show.

“When I was, like 12, I was not a fan of him….That was, like, my first love,” she said. “That was the person I was in love with. In my head, he was in love with me. It was, like, a relationship with a person.”

Bieber recently followed Eilish on Instagram, initially sliding into her DMs with a throwback.

“The first thing he sent was a screenshot of a DM I sent him in 2014,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “You know how when you follow somebody, you can see everything they DM’d you in the past? It, like, it felt good and it felt bad at the same time.”

And last month, Eilish told Ellen DeGeneres she still has a soft spot for the singer. “He’s amazing. He’s so sweet and, like, I feel — just, honestly, I feel for him, man. He’s been through a lot, dude.”

Billie Eilish Coachella
Billie Eilish. Jose Cuerno

Eilish also made time for her fans over Coachella weekend, stopping by to meet some of them as part of her exclusive Marriot Bonvoy Moment.

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