"This is the year for CNCO to be honest," Vélez tells PEOPLE

Fans aren't ready for what CNCO has in store!

The Latino boy band released their newest single "Party, Humo y Alcohol" on Thursday — and it's nothing like what you've heard from the group thus far.

"We're about to enter a new era of CNCO and I think you'll like it a lot," Zabdiel De Jesús tells PEOPLE of the track.

The group, which consists of members De Jesús, 24, Richard Camacho, 24, Christopher Vélez, 26, and Erick Brian Colón, 21, says they experimented with new sounds and topics on this single — something they plan to do more of moving forward.

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Despite its name, which translates to "Party, Smoke and Alcohol," the "Reggaetón Lento" singers say it may not be what you initially think.

"It just talks about empowering women. To be honest, this song is about her. And it's about our fans," Vélez says.

The group is known for their classic reggaeton sound, but this time around they've incorporated bouncy, electric beats for their listeners.

"They'll feel a different vibe from us. I think with this one, we reached a new area," Camacho says. "It's going to be very cool for them to feel empowered, feel like this song is for them. Especially if they're going through a heartbreak and they don't know how to get out of it. We're telling them to be yourself and just go enjoy yourself and embracing their presence as a woman."

"Party, Humo y Alcohol" Cover Art
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In the music video, the group is dressed in silver, metallic outfits from head to toe — and Colón says he thinks their wardrobe was "so fire."

In December, the group celebrated their sixth anniversary as a band and they all agree it has gone by "so fast."

"We've seen the growth through these six years now. We are super-empowered by our careers and in control of what we want to do and what we want to show to the public, to our fans and what we want to give them. So it's been a journey, but a really cool journey," Vélez says.

He adds, "It's a bunch of things coming. This is the year for CNCO to be honest."

"You'll see a lot of surprises this year," Camacho adds.

It wasn't too long ago, however, that the boy band consisted of five members. Former CNCO member Joel Pimentel announced he would go solo in May.

Since then, Pimentel, 22, released his first single as a solo act in October — which the group says they listened to "as soon as it was released" and they "loved it."

"It's different. I know that he wanted to do different things and try out different styles — and he's doing it. I think it's really really really cool. We support him now that it's out and are super happy about what he's doing," De Jesús says.

"Party, Humo y Alcohol," is out now.