Ciara Talks About Working on Her New Song 'Rooted' While 'Literally in Labor'

"It was just an incredible experience that I will forever cherish," Ciara said of making the music video for the song, which features Ester Dean


Ciara released a new music video for her song "Rooted" this week and revealed in a behind-the-scenes look at its making on Friday that she was helping put the final touches on the track while in labor with son Win Harrison.

Ciara and husband Russell Wilson welcomed little Win on July 23.

"'Rooted' is a song that celebrates Black joy. It celebrates our uniqueness and strength," Ciara, 34, said in the behind-the-scenes video, which she shared on social media Friday. The mother of three added that when singer-songwriter Ester Dean first played the song for her, she was "incredibly excited" to "make it my own."

"It spoke to me in so many ways," Ciara said. "There was a strong feeling of being empowered."

The "1, 2 Step" singer said that she felt particularly proud of the track and music video because she completed it during her pregnancy with Win.

"I was so proud of the process because I shot the video two weeks away from delivery for one part, and then I shot the other part just two days out," she shared.

"I probably could only do each take for like two minutes and then I needed to take a break. It also felt good working on it while knowing I was about to give birth to my newest angel, I was still grinding, and making it all happen at the same time."

"Even down to literally being in labor having to give approvals for the song to make the deadlines — it was just an incredible experience that I will forever cherish," she said.

"To all my Black boys and Black girls, my Black kings and Black queens, this song is for you," Ciara added in the behind-the-scenes video. "Stay rooted."

While she worked through labor, Ciara revealed earlier this week that Win's delivery was a quick one.

Ciara and Russell Wilson with son Win. Ciara/instagram

"The craziest thing is that I literally pushed Win out in like eight minutes. So that was, like, fastest [delivery] I've ever experienced. It was really smooth, thank God," she told Entertainment Tonight.

Before Win was born, Ciara said that her older two kids — daughter Sienna, 3, and son Future Zahir, 6 — were excited to meet their new sibling.

"Sienna's been practicing doing the diapers on her baby doll, and Future says he's going to teach him a lot of stuff," Ciara told PEOPLE one day before giving birth to her new baby boy. "I find them playing in the baby's room like it's their own. It's really sweet."

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