Ciara's 'Goodies' Was Almost a Britney Spears Song: 'I Would've Fought Tooth and Nail'

The "One, Two Step" singer also spoke about how "Goodies" was proof her "dream was coming true"

Ciara was not going to let go of her "Goodies."

On the first episode of her radio show Level Up with Ciara on Apple Music Hits, the 34-year-old singer revealed that her hit debut "Goodies" featuring Petey Pablo was almost a Britney Spears track.

"When I had this record, I knew that it was a very, very special record," she says. "And I worked so hard on this record and this industry can sometimes bring you incredible challenges, hence why I love the power of having my own record label."

The singer, who now leads Beauty Marks Entertainment, then explains how artists, including herself, moved to Jive Records after changes at her original Arista Records in the early 2000s. As she transitioned to the new album, she was asked to reaudition to be "made a priority at the label" where Spears was already making hits. (Of course, she "rocked it," she says.)

Ciara and Britney Spears
Ciara and Britney Spears. Amy Sussman/Getty; Steve Granitz/WireImage

"[I] had this record, but not knowing that behind the scenes, there was a conversation about this song being potentially taken from me and given to an artist like Britney Spears, who was on the same roster as me," she explains. "I learned about the story later, but the crazy thing for me is that if I would've known about it then, I would have fought tooth and nail."

But why was "Goodies" so meaningful to the rising star? "It was because it's a record that I actually was a part of creating," she admits. "I was heavily involved in the writing side of it as well."

The 2004 song would spend seven weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 — the longest-running No. 1 debut single by a female artist in nearly 30 years.

"This was my very first song that I put out into the universe. My first song, and by God's grace, it also was a No. 1 song," she says on the show. "It was just kind of surreal to see that my dream was coming true."

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"There's a video out there of me somewhere. I'm graduating from high school a year before that, and they asked me, they said, 'Ciara, where do you see yourself a year from now?'" she adds. "And in my super Atlanta country voice, I was like, 'I see myself having a No. 1 song on a Billboard chart.'"

On the show, the mother of three also spoke about her admiration for Janet Jackson, who she calls "my big sister."

"She was a true definition of empowerment," the "One, Two Step" singer says. "True definition of understanding how to take control. She always made a statement. She always seemed to be clear about her message and her mission and who she was as a woman."

"When I think about it, even the time that we're living in now, songs like this still resonate and should resonate with people in an impactful and significant way because of the time we're living in. It's all real," she adds. "It's timeless, classic. It's rock and roll, it's music. It's just everything."

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