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The singer's family and estate filed a lawsuit against the venue that hosted Grimmie's last concert before her death

December 21, 2016 03:28 AM

Christina Grimmie‘s family filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in Florida against AEG Live over the 22-year-old’s death on June 10 when she was fatally shot after a concert in Orlando.

The singer’s family allege wrongful death and negligent infliction of emotional distress caused by Grimmie’s shooting, according to Billboard.

A rep for Grimmie did not immediately respond for comment.

The suit also names The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Plaza Foundation, which owns the Plaza Live location where the singer was shot. The suit claims only “superficial bag checks” were conducted on people attending the concert, instead of pat downs or use of metal detectors that would have caught any weapons entering the theater.

Kevin Loibl, Grimmie’s 27-year-old shooter, entered the concert hall with two 9mm Glock handguns, two full magazines and a large hunting knife, Billboard reports.

Grimmie was shot three times by Loibl before he was subdued by her brother, Mark. Loibl then committed suicide.

Her family requests a recovery of future support the singer would have provided to her family members, her projected income after taxes had she lived to normal life expectancy and any medical and funeral expenses paid, according to Billboard.

The report continued, stating Grimmie’s parents are requesting damages for their mental pain and suffering after their daughter’s death, while her brother is requesting compensation for the physical and emotional trauma his sister’s death caused.

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