Christina Aguilera Still Has Her 'Dirrty' Chaps 'in the Vault': 'Hope They're Still in Good Condition!'

The Grammy-winning singer tells PEOPLE that "the more trouble I got in, the more fun I had wearing it," of some of her more head-turning looks

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Christina Aguilera knows that "What a Girl Wants" is to tour her fashion archives — because there are some seriously iconic pieces stashed away.

The Grammy-winning singer, 40, tells PEOPLE that some of her most legendary wardrobe moments — like those infamous "Dirrty" chaps — are still in her possession nearly two decades after they initially became famous.

"We definitely archived the look and God, I just hope they're still in good condition after all these years," she said of the 2002 costume while discussing her collaboration with SweeTARTS. "But they're somewhere in the vault, yes."

Aguilera wasn't afraid to try out a risky look back in the day. In fact, she admittedly enjoyed some of the attention her outfits attracted.

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"I have to say probably the more trouble I got in for wearing it, the more fun I had wearing it," she tells PEOPLE. "The chaps were iconic. It was definitely a fun moment, and it still is fun to see people represent them for their Halloween costumes. I get so excited to see different people's interpretations of it."

Her Moulin Rouge ensemble, for instance, still sticks out in Aguilera's mind. "The Moulin Rouge moment was a super fun, over the top, crazy visual experience," she says. "So anytime I get to kind of play, get to be a little controversial ... Playing with fashion is a 100% a true love of mine."

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Though time has passed since those iconic outfits were worn, Aguilera still likes taking risks with what she wears while performing. In September, the "Beautiful" singer played up her connection to New York with a Statue of Liberty ensemble at the LadyLand Festival in Brooklyn.

Interview Magazine editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg, she tells PEOPLE, was behind the fashion for the show.

"He came up with this wacky, super fun idea to do that nude bodysuit showcasing sort of 'old reference' Xtina looks with certain elements that were moments in this trip," Aguilera explains.

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Leaving N.Y.C., the Staten Island native said, was not easy for her at first. In her mind, there's nothing like autumn in the Northeast.

"I was so sad to leave New York actually for that trip because I just love, love, love New York. And in September, it's just such a beautiful city, all year round," Aguilera tells PEOPLE. "But especially at that time of year, there's something so fun in the air. It's the start of all the holiday season and getting into cold crisper weather, so we had the best time. "

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