Chloë Bailey Drops 'Have Mercy' Music Video Featuring Beyoncé's Mom Tina Knowles-Lawson

Chloë Bailey released the music video for her first solo single "Have Mercy," which includes a brief cameo from Tina Knowles-Lawson

Chloë Bailey recruited a very special guest to star in her latest music video.

The musician, 23, tapped Tina Knowles-Lawson, Beyoncé's mom, to appear in the video for her new single, "Have Mercy," which dropped Friday. In a brief cameo, Knowles-Lawson, 67, appears in a car, holding up a set of binoculars, as she spots a group of fraternity brothers.

The "Have Mercy" music video, which was directed by Karena Evans, stars Chloë as a sorority girl with a dark secret: she seduces men and turns them into stone. Knowles-Lawson presumably helps find the unlucky victims for Bailey.

After the video dropped Friday, fans immediately spotted Knowles-Lawson's cameo and applauded Chloë for the new release on Twitter.

Beyoncé's Mom Tina Lawson Makes Cameo in Chloë Bailey’s ‘Have Mercy’ Video


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"Chloe really got Ms Tina in the video omg," another added.

"When Mama Tina popped out .. I knew Chloe Bailey was about to BODY this!" one more tweeted.

Beyonce and Tina Knowles-Lawson

Chloë and Knowles-Lawson share a connection through Beyoncé, 40. The young singer is signed to Beyoncé's record label, Parkwood Entertainment, under the duo Chloe x Halle, which includes herself and her sister, Halle Bailey. The sisters released their second studio album Ungodly Hour last year, and "Have Mercy" marks Chloë's first solo single.

Knowles-Lawson previously gave a shout-out to Chloë on Instagram in March, posting a video of the songstress in the 2003 film Fighting Temptations, in which she starred as a younger version of Beyoncé's character. Knowles-Lawson also included a photo of Chloë and Beyoncé on the set of the film.

"How cute and prophetic is this that Chloe played Beyoncé's Character as a child in the movie Fighting Temptations. Who would have ever thought that one day Chloe would be signed to Beyoncé's label," she wrote. "Beyonce loves and celebrates The talent of Chloe and Halle 100 percent. They are so super multi talented and the sky is the limit for them."

"They have only touched the surface of the success to come in their careers!" Knowles-Lawson continued, telling fans she first saw Chloë x Halle on YouTube, where their videos reminded her of Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland.

"I cannot wait to see what these girls will accomplish as they continue to work hard , and persevere , learn from mistakes and triumph over obstacles . Pay their dues! They will be unstoppable , in time," she added. "They are truly special, as passionate hard working super talented Artist that are growing everyday!!!"

Knowles-Lawson closed out her post with a thank you to her daughter, writing, "I am so grateful to Beyonce for unselfishly using all her power and resources , and sharing her incredible team with these deserving young ladies. I am so glad they met and will be screaming my support all the way❤️."

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