Rapper Chief Keef Detained in Miami After Cops Allegedly Discover Sizzurp in His Car

The officers held the 21-year-old rapper at tazer point as they waited for backup

Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Chicago rapper Chief Keef was detained in Miami on Saturday, according to police reports obtained by PEOPLE.

According to documents, officers witnessed a passenger, Cortez McElrath, in the Chief Keef’s car get out at a red light and go to a grey Altima stopped behind them. McElrath allegedly handed someone in the vehicle “a bag with a grn leafy substance,” according to the report.

Upon seeing the cops, the suspect reportedly attempted to run back into Chief Keef’s green McLaren, which the rapper has been flaunting on social media recently.

The officers placed McElrath in handcuffs and held the 21-year-old rapper, whose real name is Keith Cozart, at tazer-point as they waited for backup, according to the report.

Police conducted a search and found marijuana in the Altima as well as “a cup filled with a syrupy liquid known as Sizzurp, which is also known as Lean or Purple Drank” in the rapper’s possession. He was said to have “bloodshoot watery droopy eyes and mush mouth,” according to the report.

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Authorities detained the hip-hop star as well as four other people for questioning, although there haven’t been any charges filed against him.

Fans witnessed the incident occur, posting videos and photos to social media.

“You ain’t gonna get me for s—,” Chief Keef can be heard telling an officer in one Instagram post.

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