Cher Takes Photo of Unsuspecting 'Beautiful Couple': They 'Didn't Know Who I Was'

The couple in the photograph later found Cher's tweet, and wrote they would remember the night "forever"

Cher. Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty

You know Cher as a Grammy-winning pop star and Oscar-winning actress, but how about as a photographer?

The "Believe" singer, 75, made a Houston couple's day when she stepped in to snap their photo on a night out, and later shared the image to her own Twitter account.

Cher said she was leaving a movie screening when she spotted a man taking a photo of his girlfriend, and offered to take one of the two of them together.

"When we were coming out of movie I saw [a] beautiful Couple," she wrote on Twitter Tuesday. "He Was taking Her pic….She had flowers. I said … can I take your Pic."

The star said that because she had her mask on, the couple didn't recognize her, and she joked that they assumed she was "just a crazy woman."

"Had my mask on so they didn't Know Who I was," she wrote. "MAYBE Just a crazy woman.. THAT ME."

In the photo, the couple, who are wearing color-coordinating all-black outfits, stand beside each other, with the woman holding a large bouquet of flowers.

Cher's tweet was liked more than 67,000 times, and eventually made its way back to the couple, as the woman, whose name is Syndie, responded to say she was the girl in the picture.

"Omg! That's me, and it was my birthday! Wow! I can't believe it!" she wrote.

Syndie explained that she and her boyfriend Tehran Stokes had just come from dinner, and had stopped to take photos by the Christmas décor when Cher stepped in.

"It was dark, and she was fully covered, but we kept thinking this wasn't an average person," she wrote. "She had a mask on, and when she asked to take our photo, she was far away from us."

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Added Stokes: "Wow! So we really did meet CHER! This night will certainly be remembered forever."

Cher didn't say which movie she had seen, but tweeted on Monday that she'd enjoyed West Side Story, and was a fan of the "amazing" cast.

"Rita Moreno Broke My Heart," she wrote. "HER [star] STILL SHINES."

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