Just like he sings in his new single, Charlie Puth isn't looking for a girl who's hungry for the wrong kind of "Attention"

By Raha Lewis
April 20, 2017 05:52 PM
Mike Coppola/Getty

Just like he sings in his new single, Charlie Puth isn’t looking for a girl who’s hungry for the wrong kind of “Attention.”

“We’re in a world of Facebook and Instagram,” the artist explained to PEOPLE at the launch of his single, “Attention,” marked by a 10-day LED installation that is meant to resemble our brains when they get a rush of dopamine. “If you get a ‘like,’ you get this rush of dopamine to your mind. Social media is important, but we should venture out a little bit and not rely on it for self approval.”

Not that Puth is totally against social media — after all, he built his career on it. “There is nothing wrong with Instagram,” he said. “It’s a huge reason for my social presence, but it’s also important to counter that with nature walks.”

He continued: “It’s so important to realize your surroundings. If we’re going on a hike and you’re running around trying to get in shape, smell the air in the nature. You don’t have to always look in your phone. That’s the main thing.”

Social media pet peeves aside, Puth admits past relationships also failed because he wasn’t ready to fully commit. “Maybe at that time, I couldn’t give it all to them because I [was] focused on my career,” he said. “There are a lot of different takes.”

For now, the musician is enjoying writing music and looking forward to the release of his upcoming album. As for what kind of girl he’s looking for when the timing is finally right?

“Someone who’s cool,” he said simply. “I’ll just keep it at that.”