By Paula Rogo
March 04, 2017 11:24 AM

The long-awaited meeting between Chance The Rapper and the Illinois governor did not go as smoothly as both would have liked.

The Grammy-winning rapper met with Bruce Rauner on Friday to discuss funding for Chicago Public Schools following the governor’s decision to veto a $215 million school bill in December for political reasons.

Chance — who has publicly spoken out against the education struggles of the city— was hoping that the 40-minute sit-down would convince the Republican governor to change his mind.

Not so much. Chance was visibly frustrated when he faced the media following the face-to-face, saying that he was met with “vague answers” from the governor.

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“The kids are on the table now,”he said, referring to the school district’s budget crisis. “I’m here because I just want people to do their jobs.”

Rauner had a different perspective on the meeting, calling it a “good exchange of views.” He also suggested Chance could use his position to help in the state’s spending struggle and to “get big things done.”

The newly-minted Grammy winner remains positive though, later tweeting that he “did not lose” despite the outcome.

We’ll see where this goes.

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