Céline Dion Sings About 'Recovering' After Late Husband René Angélil's Death in Tearful New Song Written by Pink

Written by Pink, the new Céline Dion song 'Recovering' shows how the 48-year-old singer is handling her late husband René Angélil's death

In July, Céline Dion revealed that she was working on a new album – and that one song penned by fellow Grammy winner Pink would pay tribute to her late husband René Angélil

At the time, the 48-year-old singer said that fans should “get ready” for the emotional song.

She wasn’t kidding.

The track – called “Recovering” – dropped Thursday, and one might want to have a box of tissues handy before listening.

Dion’s voice is restrained throughout the emotional ballad – accompanied only by a piano. Her voice quivers, and at times it sounds like she could cry at any moment.

“I am recovering / The hope that I lost / The part of my soul / That paid the cost,” she sings. “Little by little / Day by day / One step at a time / Shake off the devil / Take back my peace of mind.”

As the song continues, Dion admits to being an anxiety addict, broken perfectionist and constant regretter who ran from her heart before choosing to go “back to the start.”

“Tell him I love him,” she sings at the song’s end. “Take back my peace of mind.”

When she first revealed news of her collaboration with Pink to Entertainment Tonight, Dion said the song helped her heal since Angélil’s passing in January.

She had the chance to thank Pink personally when the two crossed paths at May’s Billboard Music Awards – where Dion accepted the Icon award alongside 15-year-old son René-Charles and performed a cover of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On.”

“When I saw her, I said, ‘For you to take the time to really write a song, to give me a tool, a piece of luggage to help me, to move forward to walk, to keep going…’ ” explained Dion.

“She is phenomenal,” she added. “I love her for her talent, for her strength, for her focus, [for] the person she is.”

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René Angélil died in January from throat cancer at the age of 73. The two married in 1994 and spent 21 years together, welcoming sons René-Charles and twins Nelson and Eddy, who turn 6 this year.

Dion opened up about losing her husband in a recent PEOPLE cover story, and said Angélil would have wanted her to keep singing.

“It’s what he would want for me,” the “My Heart Will Go On” singer said. “It’s what he always wanted for me. We still live that together. René and I met through the passion of show business – through the therapeutic music that made us be together.”

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