Céline Dion Consulted Portrait of Her Husband Before Deciding to Sing for 'Beauty and the Beast' Remake

Dion's husband died in 2016

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage

Céline Dion is still grieving the loss of her husband, music producer René Angélil, but continues to seek his advice through unconventional means.

The legendary singer told The Sun that she was on the fence about recording a new song for Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast. Seeking guidance, the “My Heart Will Go On” singer consulted with a portrait of him that was painted by a fan.

“I went and found one of the paintings that one of the fans gave me of my husband and I said, ‘Should I do this?'” she said.

“And the answer I got back — I don’t want that to sound like ghostly or anything like that — but emotionally what I got back from that was, ‘You have nothing to lose.'”

Dion said she became a sponge in the months before his death, learning everything she could from the man who helped her create an astounding career.

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“We talked a lot and I took notes every day,” she said. “I had my Post-its and my crayons and my book, and everything he wanted or questioned, or he thought of, I wrote it down.”

They also planned his funeral together, which was public and held at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica.

“I reassured him it was going to be done his way — he chose the songs at his funeral, the way he wanted it, everything to a T. And I respected that,” she said.

Dion, 49, told the British newspaper she “will probably grieve for the rest of my life,” but added that she was hopeful for the future, even though she wasn’t ready to find new love.

“Now it is definitely too soon for me,” she said. “I am definitely in love with [René], married to him.”

“He’s the love of my life,” she continued. “It’s very difficult for me to see myself with another person. The love that I have for him, I live it every day. And as a woman, we do have emotions and feelings that come and go. And it’s always with him.”

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