Winners Already! Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson Have 'Idol' Reunion at Radio Disney Music Awards

The RDMAs marked the first time Clarkson and Underwood took a photo together since they shut down haters online over a "most iconic Idol winner" poll

Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are forever winners!

The American Idol champions, both 35, were all smiles at the 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards on Friday at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Underwood, who was crowned season 4 champion in 2005, was dressed in a black dress with kiss mark designs while Clarkson, who won the inaugural season in 2002, showed off her recent 37 lbs. weight loss in a blue fringe dress by Balmain.

And not only are the ladies past Idol winners, they both were honored at the RDMAs with Underwood receiving the Hero Award and Clarkson receiving the Icon Award.

Though Underwood and Clarkson both attended and performed at the CMT Awards earlier this month, Friday’s event marked the first time the pair was together since they both shut down haters online who voted between them in a “most iconic Idol winner” poll in April.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

The singers shared a cute exchange on Twitter about the poll as The Voice coach wrote, “I think we’re both winning in life and pretty blessed! Singers, mamas, CEOs…. #AmbitiousBlondes go ahead @carrieunderwood.”

And Underwood quickly responded, “Whatever, girl, I voted for you!” followed by, “But seriously, I do wish more publications would just celebrate women’s success without pitting them against each other… Just my thoughts…anyway… Love ya!”

Clarkson previously talked about her friendship with Underwood in December 2016 when she revealed that people regularly confuse her with the country star.

“People come up to me all the time. Okay, we look nothing alike, we sound nothing alike, there’s nothing about us that’s similar, really, except we were both on Idol,” she said to Z100‘s Elvis Duran and The Morning Show.

“People are always like, ‘I love your song, ‘So Small,’ and I’m like, ‘Thank you. Thank you, I think you’re thinking I’m Carrie Underwood.’ It always happens!” Clarkson continued. “Then a girl that worked with her years ago said the same things happened to her. I think it’s because we’re both blonde and from American Idol.”

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