Carlos Santana Says Working with Diane Warren and G-Eazy on 'She's Fire' Was a 'Healing Force'

"God gave you this gift —you have to touch people's hearts in a place that is very, very divine," Santana tells Warren during an interview with PEOPLE

It's the first time Carlos Santana and Diane Warren have seen each other. And the two can't hold in their excitement.

"I want to be where you are, Carlos," Warren, 64, tells Santana, 74, who Zooms from Hawaii. "I'm in a much less cooler place. I'm in the studio and want to trade places right now with Carlos!"

Despite never seeing each other, the two collaborated on "She's Fire," the lead single off Warren's first album Diane Warren: The Cave Sessions Vol. 1, alongside G-Eazy, 32. (PEOPLE can exclusively premiere the song's fiery music video.)

On the Zoom call, it's as if Warren and Santana aren't aware of their own star power as they talk about working together on this song and other projects.

"Everything is done by grace. I keep telling people that divine intelligence is orchestrating spirits like us to conjoin and partake in bringing music that brings unity, harmony and totality, which is a healing force, especially where we are right now on this planet," Santana tells PEOPLE. "And I'm so grateful and honored that Diane would have a heart and eyes to invite me into her frequency because it is a frequency of healing."

"I'm honored to work with you. I've been a giant fan forever and the fact that we're finally working together, it means a lot to me. And I'm so excited about it," Warren responds. "I think it is a healing force. And we do need it more than ever, don't we?"

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Backed by Santana's unmistakable guitar, G-Eazy sings along raspily to the catchy lyrics of "She's Fire," about a woman who is, well, fire.

"It was a huge honor to get the opportunity to work with people as legendary and as talented as Carlos and Diane," G-Eazy tells PEOPLE over email. "I felt like the young buck, or the kid around those two, just eager and excited to get the chance to hold my own and do my thing. It was an amazing experience."

Warren says that when she wrote the song, she automatically knew Santana needed to be on the record, so she approached Santana—and the legendary guitarist was in. As for G-Eazy joining to sing on the record, Warren got a text back from him with a simple: "YES, I'M IN."

"Then I go, 'Well, maybe you should hear the song first,'" Warren says with a chuckle. "He just loved it. It's very different for him — he has the swag in his voice and it really complements the song. And him and Carlos: I love throwing two different worlds together, but then they make this beautiful world."

G-Eazy, who has rapped on most of his albums, has tapped into more of a singing space on the track and on his last album Everything's Strange Here. It's a natural transition for the Bay Area-born star, he says.

"It's been creatively liberating to expand the ways I'm able to approach songs. If all you can ever do is one thing, then you're limited in the types of songs you can record," G-Eazy says. "I listen to all different types of music, but this has been one of the first times in my career I'm able to channel those influences directly into my vocals."

For Santana, the collaboration is validating and celebratory to the "gift of Diane to be able to manifest and write songs at this level."

"She's a giant giant," Santana says of the songwriter. "I'm grateful for the gift to be invited and participate. Music to me is unity, harmony and totality. To me, music has never been show-business or entertainment. That's not who I am."

Warren's debut album features star-studded collaborations with artists from Céline Dion, John Legend and Darius Rucker to Maren Morris, Lauren Jauregui and Luis Fonsi.

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"Everything on this record got on this record because I really love it," says Warren. "I love them for different reasons. There's so much variety on here. They're all different worlds."

During the conversation, Santana and Warren tease another song they worked together for the "Smooth" legend's upcoming album: a song called "Break," featuring Ally Brooke.

"Your work is wonderment," Santana says, referring to the song. "It should be song of the year for its anti-suicide [message]... If you just look at the lyrics without listening to the music, it's to uplift. That's what I'm into — inspiring and uplifting people into a place where they can accept their own light."

"It's got this grandeur-ness when you listen to it," adds the star, whose album is out Oct. 14. "Wait until you hear her sing in Spanish and English. It's going to blow you away."

Chiming in, Warren says she's "going to be working more with Ally."

"This was a song that when Carlos asked me for a song for his record I thought this would be the perfect song," she says. "Ally loved the song — it's spectacular, really. It's just a beautiful record."

Speaking of his own music-making, Santana says he feels like he's a youngster again.

"I've learned to do more of who I am, which is to crystallize my intentions, motives and purpose. I'm here in Kaua'i not to escape, run away or hide, I come here to replenish," he says of time in lockdown. "I learned to replenish and crystallize my existence. Though I just turned 74, I feel like I'm 17 and I'm really, really thirsty for adventure."

"And now, aligned with Diane, it feels like I'm entering a whole chapter in my life where all I have to do is just keep my guitar in tune and play from the heart and don't worry about it," he adds.

To end the conversation, Santana has only words of praise for Warren.

"See Diane, your lyrics, your spirit and your light transmogrifies molecular structure. What does that mean? It means you give people chills, people cry and laugh and they dance at the same time and they don't even know why," he says. "And that's because what God gave you, this gift that you have is you touch people's hearts in a place that is very, very divine."

"I love you, Diane. I can hardly wait to give you a slow, juicy hug," he adds.

"She's Fire" by Diane Warren, Santana and G-Eazy is out now.

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