Cardi B Smashes Another of Beyoncé's 'Billboard' Records

Cardi B earns a second Billboard record that Beyoncé previously held

Make room Queen Bey, there is a new record breaker in town!

Cardi B, who is currently No. 1 on the Billboard Artist 100 chart – only the second solo-female to top the list this year, broke the Guinness World Record for Most Simultaneous Billboard U.S. Hot 100 entries by a female, knocking Beyoncé out of the spot.

Beyoncé earned the record in May 2016 after releasing her album, Lemonade. All 12 tracks of the album made an appearance on the Billboard 100 list, which passed Taylor Swift’s previous 11.

Cardi B is now making history, with 13 tracks on the Hot 100 list following the release of her new album Invasion of Privacy and her performance at Coachella.

“And it’s all cause of ya!!!!!!! Thank you everybody. The numbers are great but the support feels even better,” the expectant star said in an Instagram post which listed the position of all 13 of her songs on the Billboard 100.

“I’m so thankful and grateful for every post love support ya gave and giving my album and my songs,” she wrote.

This is not the first time the 25-year-old rapper, who is pregnant with her first child, broke a Billboard world record that was previously held by Beyoncé.

In January, the star earned the record for Most Simultaneous Billboard US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Top 10 entries by a female.

She now has more record titles than fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj. It seems like Cardi B is just getting started, or as she raps on her new single “I Do”, “My lil 15 minutes lasted long as hell, huh?”

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