"My husband, he's really f—ing smart with numbers," Cardi B said about her husband
Offset and Cardi B
Offset and Cardi B
| Credit: Francis Specker/Getty Images

Cardi B has her husband's full support in all of her successes.

The "Up" rapper, 28, opened up to XXL for its recent cover story about how she's learned to know her worth when finding multi-million dollar deals — and how Offset helps her with them too.

"And then, my husband [Offset], he's really f—g smart with numbers," she told the outlet. "I don't pay him. I don't pay him nothing. So, it's just like, when he's super direct and when he tells me the truth and when he be like, 'You deserve this. You need this. You need that,' it's just like, he's not telling me this because he's gonna benefit something from it."

Added the mom of 2-year-old daughter Kulture Kiari, "There's nothing to benefit. He just wants to see me win."

So when Offset gives his wife advice about her signings and contracts, "it's just like, 'You're right.'"

Also in the interview, the rap star said she's "getting better and better, and I'm being more alert" when it comes to scoring good career deals.

On Monday, Cardi shared a steamy story about her recording session with Offset for their collaborative tune, 'Um Yeah."

"I don't want to give you this weird, fake ass romantic, awkward story, but I remember this one time when I was in the studio with Offset and he was doing 'Um Yea,' the song that me and him have together," the hitmaker said in a Twitter audio recording.

"And while he was doing the song and everything, he kept looking at me and smiling and s— while he was making the song and then I told him, 'I want to get on the song,'" Cardi recalled. "So I just started writing my verse and everything and he was looking at me like, 'Oh s— girl!'"

Then, they had sex "right after."