"I'm not poor anymore mwaaaaahahahaha!!" the 25-year-old rapper joked after spending Saturday night with the famous duo

Cardi B is moving up in the world!

Kim Kardashian West invited her mother Kris Jenner and the 25-year-old rapper over to her Hidden Hills, California, home for a little “late night house party” on Saturday night.

Proudly displaying the proof of their hangout session on Sunday, Cardi B quipped that after hanging out with the famous family, she had officially become part “of the rich people club!!”

“I’m not poor anymore mwaaaaahahahaha!!” she joked, before adding that her time in the house had yielded one potentially lucrative opportunity.

“P.s I’m selling one of @krisjenner napkins on eBay!!” she wrote.

Taking the joke in stride, the famous momager replied, “Yes and I get 10 percent,” in an interaction first noticed by Instagram account Comments by Celebs.

Putting on her hostess hat, Kardashian West began documenting the group’s low-key hangout on Saturday by giving her guests a chance to try out her “fav” Instagram filter.

As the rapper, who recently gave birth to her daughter Kulture Kiari, admired her new oversized lavender lips in the video, she remarked, “I look like a different person.”

“You’re so cute,” Jenner replied, before Kardashian West bemoaned the fact that the filter “only works on one person” at a time.

Later on in the night, the mother of three shared a video of the group walking down one of her home’s hallways, jokingly calling the building, with its stark white interiors, a “mausoleum.”

“Late night house party,” she wrote alongside the snap.

As the night turned silly, the 37-year-old KKW Beauty mogul also posted a clip of the group goofing around in her closet while they posed with some cardboard cutouts of her and her husband Kanye West‘s faces.

“This is us looking really stupid, you guys,” Kardashian West explained as they all held the cutouts in front of their own faces. “We’re just late night in the closet, looking absolutely stupid.”

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Cardi B and Kardashian West previously hung out at Madonna‘s Oscars party in March.

The trio posed for photos together, peering through a ripped sheet of giant white paper, as shared by the music legend on Instagram.

“Gang-Gang,” Madonna captioned the snap.